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Top 5 Hidden Beaches in the Philippines That Are Worth Visiting

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The Philippines is best known for its friendly locals, good food, and breath-taking sceneries. This country is chock-full of incredible natural landscapes. Starting from glittering oceans and sandy white beaches, to lush forests and beautiful mountain views, the Philippines does not fall short of wonderful sights to see.

The country is known for its numerous tourist attractions but is it is most recognized for its beaches. Travelers flock to the Philippines to enjoy the warm weather and to explore the country’s beautiful coasts. 

One of the top destinations that tourists come to visit is Boracay which is famous for its world-class white sand beach and clear blue waters. But, did you know that there are other lesser-known beaches that are just as beautiful? The Philippine archipelago is composed of 7,647 islands, all of them rare and filled with beautiful beaches and wondrous sights to see. 

If you want to get off the beaten path and avoid the crowds, here are five hidden beaches in the Philippines that you will surely take your breath away.

1. BonBon Beach, Romblon

This uncharted beauty is a perfect destination for those who want a tranquil and relaxing getaway. Bonbon Beach is best-known for its exquisite sand bar and for having a long stretch of pristine shoreline that stretches far and wide.

The beach is open to the public, but overnight stays or camping on-site is restricted for safety purposes. The island is not densely populated. There are fewer establishments but rest assured that many accommodations can cater to your stay.

When you’re visiting Bonbon beach, make sure to take a walk along the sandbar which links to an islet called Bang-og. If you want to see Bang-og, make sure you visit during low tide since it is submerged during high tide.

You can also try to visit neighbouring beaches like Tiamban beach and San Pedro beach for more stunning views.

Sounds good, right? Time to pack your bags and head on down to Bonbon beach!

2. Alubihod Beach, Guimaras

Alubihod Beach is located in Guimaras Island. Widely known as the “Mango Capital of the Philippines”, Guimaras does not only boast its bounty of delicious fruits. It also houses some of the best beaches in Western Visayas, most notable of which is Alubihod Beach.

This secret sanctuary offers a sprawling seashore of creamy white sand, azure waters, and unique rock formations adorning the beach. With its unsurpassable beauty, A visit to Alubihod will surely make you feel like you are in paradise.

During your trip, don’t pass up the chance to go island hopping. For a small price, you can hire a boat that will take you to nearby islands like Natago and Turtle Island as well as Baras beach, where you can go snorkelling and bask under the sun. 

If you have extra time, you can take a side trip to other places on the island such as the Guisi Lighthouse, which is believed to be the second oldest lighthouse in the country or head over to the Mango Research Center to see where some of the world’s best mangoes are cultured.

From stunning beaches to local historical sites, you will never run out of things to explore!

So, take the road less traveled and go on a trip to Guimaras Island.

3. Cagbalete Beach

A few hours away from Manila’s hustle and bustle is a secret paradise just waiting to be discovered.

Cagbalete Island is a peaceful hideout surrounded by white beaches and crystal- clear water. If you are looking for a place where you can unwind and enjoy the day just lounging around, this spot is perfect for you.

During your stay, be sure to check out the island’s unique sandbar and snap some pics for the gram. You can also go island hopping and snorkeling at the fish sanctuary or walk to Bonsai Island, a place popular for the bonsai-like mangrove trees in the middle of the island. Finally, if you’re up for some more fun, go horseback riding at Villa Cleofas and gallop along the beach like you’re starring in your own movie!

Cagbalete may be relatively unknown and less popular than other beaches in the country, but it is beautiful, and charming on its own right. Come on down to Cagbalete and see for yourself!

4. Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

Among the coves of western Zambales is this hidden treasure. Twin to its more popular sister, Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa is slowly making a name for itself.

Before Nagsasa became the beauty that it is now, it was nearly destroyed and covered in ashes after a devastating volcanic eruption in 1991.

Today, Nagsasa cove has risen from the ruins of the past and offers the best view of the bluest of oceans against a stunning background of mountain ranges that travellers cannot find anywhere else.

There are many things to do in Nagsasa, aside from relaxing on the beach. If you want to see nearby attractions, you can rent a boat and go island hopping for a low price. Adventure lovers who are looking to do outdoor activities can climb the viewpoint to see the fantastic vista or trek to Nagsasa waterfalls, which is only 30 minutes away from the beach. To cap off your trip, drop by Casa San Miguel to learn more about Zambales’ rich culture.

What are you waiting for? Visit Nagsasa Cove and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

5. Subic Beach, Bicol

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Imagine this: You are on a boat on the way to a secluded beach, far from the chaos of the city. You get off the boat, and once your feet touch the shore…. You realize the sand is pink! Yes, you read it right. PINK!

According to locals, the pinkish hue of Subic’s sands comes from the shells of colorful sea critters and broken red corals left behind by the waves. From afar it may seem like a typical white sand beach but the color comes through, especially when it is sunny! Its unique sand color, coupled with a vast blue ocean and relaxing atmosphere, makes Subic Beach a travel destination like no other!

While you’re here, take the time to go island hopping and visit Tikling Island. Tikling is another popular tourist attraction and features pink-tinged sands, albeit less vibrant than in Subic Beach. This place is perfect if you want fewer people and is an excellent hop-off point should you wish to walk to the tip of the island. 

Another go-to place is the Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary. It is a privately-owned marine conservatory where you can get up close and personal with fantastic sea creatures. You can even purchase some food so you can feed the fishes!

From pink sands to beautiful oceans, Subic Beach will make you feel like you’re looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses. No worries, no problems, just a relaxing day at the beach.

Check out this vlog to see more of Subic Beach!

If you need some extra tips and tricks while planning your next vacation, Check out Lonely Planet Philippines (Country Guide)Top hidden beaches in the philippines for more useful information to guide you on your trip!

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