The Most Binge-Worthy TV Series on Netflix

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There’s nothing better than sitting on the couch with your favourite snacks while binge-watching TV shows til’ you see the sun peek out from your window.

We’ve all been there before: You start on this awesome new show you discovered on Netflix, and you’re immediately hooked! You tell yourself “just one more episode”, then you end up watching another one… and then maybe just one last episode… Next thing you know, you’ve already finished an entire season in just one sitting! Yeah, we know EXACTLY how that feels.

There are tons of great series to watch. But if you feel like you’ve exhausted all your favorite shows, don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of the most binge-worthy TV series on Netflix! We included shows from all kinds of genres. So, whether you’re a thrill-seeking horror lover, a couch detective who likes mystery or foodie who enjoys cooking shows, you’re sure to find something you’ll love among our list of programs!

Now it’s time to sit back, relax and watch to your heart’s content! Enjoy ?

The Haunting of Hill House

We’re starting our list of binge-worthy TV shows with a bang.

Hands down, The Haunting of Hill House is definitely number one on our Horror Hall of Fame. This show was an instant hit with critics and the audience alike after its release. Everyone absolutely loved it. Even Stephen King, the legendary author of novels like ‘It’ and ‘The Shining’, gave it a stellar review, dubbing it “close to genius.”

The story begins in the summer of 1992. The Crain family: Hugh, Olivia, and their five children move into the Hill House to renovate it so they can sell the house and move into their own. Due to delayed repairs, the family stays a while longer in the mansion. Slowly, odd things begin to occur in their home. As devastating and irreversible losses happen to the family, they have no choice but to move out.

After twenty-six long years, the Crain siblings reunite with their father after strange occurrences begin to unfold once more at Hill House. Once again, the family is pushed to recount their gruesome experiences at their haunted home they thought they had left behind.

This thrilling show is sure to chill you to the bones. Full of suspense, shock and fear, any horror lover will definitely love this series. Just a warning, though: you might have to sleep with the lights open for a couple of nights!


If you’re a big fan of The Office or Parks and Recreation, then Community is the perfect TV show for you! In the same vein as many of the well-loved sitcoms, Community offers its viewers a whole lot of laughs and an out-of-the-ordinary plotline. What sets this show apart from those in the same genre is its smart humor, witty references to pop culture and the commentary on its own existence.

Anchoring on its title, the show revolves around former lawyer Jeff Winger and his misadventures at a local community college. Jeff is suspended from his law firm after fabricating a degree from Columbia University. And in order to earn a legitimate degree, he enrolls at Greendale Community College in Colorado. Here, he creates unlikely friendships with his classmates after forming a study group.

Together, Jeff and his quirky circle of friends that consists of a millionaire, a former quarterback, a religious single mother, a former drug addict and a film student, go through the motions of college life and create an unlikely but strong-bonded community.

Hilarious and well-balanced, Community has the perfect mix of comedy and heartfelt scenes that keep viewers back for more. Watch it on Netflix now! We promise you won’t regret it!

Peaky Blinders

Guns, gangs and handsome men in newspaper boy caps. If you’re into any (or all) of these, we strongly recommend that you watch Peaky Blinders. This action-packed series showcases the ins and outs of a crime family who is making a name for themselves on the streets and beyond.

The story opens in Birmingham, 1919. Thick in the aftermath of World War I, Tommy Shelby and his brothers return to their hometown after serving in the British Army. The Shelby family, bookmakers by day, gangsters by night, rule the town. As the leader of the gang, Peaky Blinders, Tommy aims to take his family’s empire above and beyond the city’s scope. He plans to build on the empire he has created and won’t let anything, or anyone get in his way.

This show is the perfect mixture of crime, action and drama and is definitely one of our favorite programs on Netflix. Thankfully, they’ve got all five seasons available for streaming, so you won’t be left hanging if ever you decide to have a Peaky Blinders marathon!

Bojack Horseman

This isn’t your typical animated series. Underneath its cartoon exterior, Bojack Horseman tackles true-to-life stories and ideas. Comedic humor mixed with darker undertones is the heartbeat of this show. Its playful, childlike animation style is starkly different from its story line which tackles themes like depression and alcoholism.

The show revolves around a washed-up anthropomorphic horse, Bojack, 20 years after the peak of his Hollywood career. It pans in on his plan to stage a monumental comeback to celebrity relevance via a tell-all autobiography to be ghostwritten by human writer, Diane Nguyen. The story also takes us through Bojack’s struggle through an endless loop of self-loathing, addiction and turbulent relationships.

Bojack Horseman draws a fine line between animation and real life, and we think that’s what makes it so great! Give this show a shot and we assure you that you’ll never look at animated series the same way again. (in a good way, of course!)

Tiger King

If you’ve ever heard this song and wondered where it came from, here’s your answer.

Tiger King is one of those documentaries that make you go WTF while you’re watching it. This docuseries is a wild ride from start to finish. It’s a melting pot of all kinds of crazy things! From polygamy to big cats, and murder mysteries. Coupled with absurd and unique individuals featured in the series, the audience is in for a wild ride.

The documentary gives viewers an inside look at the intertwined society of big cat collectors and conservationists in America. Further into the story, the spotlight shifts to the fierce rivalry between Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin. The two have a bitter competition both in terms of ethics and popularity. Baskin, who positions herself as an animal rights activist opposes Joe Exotic. Joe believes Baskin is simply a rival zoo owner who wants to wipe out any competition. The plot thickens when threatening videos are released, legal allegations are brought out and murder accusations are brought into the mix.

What begins as an interesting and eccentric documentary on big cats quickly becomes a story of murder, mayhem and madness. You’ll find that seven episodes just isn’t enough to keep your Tiger King fix at bay. Luckily they’ve released a special after-show entitled “The Tiger King and I” hosted by Community actor, Joel McHale.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Calling on all aspiring cooks! If you love to make food (or just like eating it) and want to learn more about the basics of creating the dishes you love, then you better add this TV show to your list immediately!

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is a TV adaptation of a book of the same name. The author, and host of the show, Chef Samin Nosrat, takes viewers on a journey to understanding the four main pillars of cooking. As each of the episodes focuses on a certain element, Nosrat travels to different places to show how the element is used in local cuisine. In the series, the audience is taken on a culinary adventure to different parts of the globe like Italy, Japan and Mexico. The show captures the culture and narrative of each place so well, we wish we could jump into the screen and experience it ourselves!

This TV show is like no other. Samin Nosrat’s passion for her art is evident in every scene and she does an amazing job of bringing her book to life. While the show educates the audience on the basics of cooking, what really shines through is the story behind each element and the narrative of the people of whom it means so much to.

The series truly captured the essence of the locals’ narratives as well as the four elements and showed that the heart of cooking lies not only in the ingredients but in the passion that goes into cooking with it. Real and heartwarming, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is, hands down, one of the best cooking shows on Netflix.

Black Mirror

Did you think we’d forget the one of the most talked-about Netflix shows ever? Of course not!

Black mirror is ranked high on the list of must-watch shows on Netflix. Deeply unsettling and undeniably creepy, it gained a loyal following because of its complex and unique plotline. The series does not have a linear plot, but each episode is standalone and explores the themes of contemporary paranoia. In other words: Black Mirror takes our deepest technological fears and brings it to life. It talks about our relationship with technology and features stories of the way we live now and how we might fare in the future.

We cannot hype up this show enough. It will make you question how you interact with technology. But not only that, it will also make you believe that maybe the things in the show aren’t all that impossible.

Full disclosure: a lot of scenes will make you feel uncomfortable and might not sit well with you. But maybe that’s the point. At the pulse of this show is its ability to make you reflect on the world and technology and it leaves you to discern whether or not we’re all heading down a path of advancement or ruin. Watch and see for yourself!

New Girl

New Girl is one of those shows you put on after a long day when you want to feel uplifted. Light, funny, and quirky, this is sure to give you a boost of serotonin every time you watch it!

The story revolves around quirky middle school teacher, Jessica Day. After she finds out her long-time boyfriend is cheating on her, she decides to move out and find a new apartment. Jess finds herself in a loft in L.A. The catch? She has three guys for roommates. Nick, who can be described as a grumpy old man living in a 30-year old body, Schmidt, a confident ladies’ man who works in a female-dominated marketing firm and Winston, a former basketball player and Nick’s childhood friend.

Jess moves in and the characters eventually shift from being roommates to creating a strong bond, from here the story follows the characters’ friendship and outrageous shenanigans as they navigate through grown-up life.

New Girl is in the same ballpark as shows like Friends, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. But, it is set apart by its witty and humorous punch lines as well as how great it shows the characters’ growth, both in terms of their relationships with each other and individually.

Nailed It!

If you don’t think you’re a whiz in the kitchen, don’t worry you’re not the only one. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, you should celebrate it! And that’s exactly what the cooking show Nailed It! is all about.

The show was inspired by the hilarious craze of people trying (and failing) to recreate elaborate cakes they saw on the internet. The show has two rounds. The first challenge is called “Baker’s Choice” where contestants pick a confectionery treat and try to recreate it. The winner of this round gets a special prize and gets to wear a golden chef’s hat. The second round, “Nail It or Fail It”, the competitors are challenged to recreate a complex cake creation from scratch. The contestant with the best cake is dubbed the winner and goes home with 10,000 dollars. Oh, and they get a shiny trophy to commemorate their victory as well!

This show is an absolute delight and is just all good vibes from start to finish. If there’s anything we can take away from this show is that not everything needs to be taken seriously and sometimes, you just gotta let loose and have fun!


What happens when a massive money-laundering scheme goes wrong? Well, I guess the answer is: You go for the big shots and launder some more. At least, that’s what Marty Byrde did.

Ozark revolves around financial adviser slash money launderer, Marty Byrde. After his business partner was found skimming off money their client, Marty immediately finds his head on the chopping block. As a last-ditch attempt to save himself and his family, he offers to set up a bigger laundering operation as an act of penance. Marty and his family then move to the Missouri Ozarks so he can carry out his plan. All was well until he gets into trouble with the town’s local heroin traders, the Snells. He takes a risk by attempting to appease both the cartel and the Snells, but things only go downhill from there…

With all the crime, intrigue and suspense, Ozark will surely keep viewers at the edge of their seats from the first episode to the season finale. All three seasons are on Netflix, so what are you waiting for? Start your Ozark marathon now!

If you’re looking for more shows to watch check out this article!

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