17 Awesome Products to Show off Your All-American Spirit This 4th July

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4th of July is just around the corner, and what better way is there to celebrate Red, White and Blue than with these Independence Day themed items? From pool floats to house ornaments and 4th july clothes, these products will make you proud to show off your All-American spirit.

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1. Patriotic Gnomes

These adorable gnomes will make everyone go “aww.” Put them up on your shelf or display them on your center table to spruce up any room with a touch of Fourth of July décor. What’s even better is that they’re U.S. made! Support your own and get this charming house ornament to decorate your home this Independence Day.

2. Hilarious Chia Planter Presidents

15 products for Independence Day
Chia, Amazon

Have you ever wondered how a famous president would look like if they were a chia pet? Here’s your answer! These silly Chia planters are easy and fun to grow. In just weeks, your planter will have a full head of chia hair, just in time for the 4th of July, so go out and get it now. Make your 4th of July decoration great again!

3. LED Flag

15 products for Independence Day
MZD8391, Amazon

Your Independence Day celebration just got brighter with this LED American Flag! This flag light is an excellent decoration for the Fourth of July. Hang it up on your porch or your front lawn and welcome Independence Day in the dazzling glow of red, white, and blue.

4. US-Made Framed Declaration of Independence

15 products for Independence Day
Poster Foundry, Amazon

Immortalize history with this framed Declaration of Independence. It is a perfect gift idea and can also be hung up on the wall in your home or office. It is made in the U.S., and there are various styles and frames available so you can customize it according to what fits your taste.

5. Face Cover, Handmade In The US

15 products for Independence Day
LilieMayCo, Etsy

Support a local business and keep safe this 4th of July by using this American flag face cover. It is made of cotton and is reusable. You can also use this face cover for outdoor activities or to shield yourself from dust while cleaning the house. Remember! Be safe and keep up that all-American Spirit this Independence Day!

6. American Flag Kimono Coverup

15 products for Independence Day
Angashion, Amazon

This eye-catching American flag kimono cover-up is sure to make heads turn wherever you go. Dress it up, whether you’re partying at the beach or chilling at a backyard barbeque, and make a statement with this patriotic fashion piece. Fourth of July never looked this good!

7. 4th of July Women’s Top

Trade in your plain white shirt for this sparkly 4th July t-shirts for women. With this dazzling tee, any outfit is sure to go from 0-100. It’s well-made, fashionable and is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Buy matching shirts for you and your best girlfriends and snap the cutest Independence Day pics for the gram!

8. US-Made American Flag Men’s Shirt

15 products for Independence Day
Tactical Pro Supply, Amazon

Rep the All-American spirit with this cool U.S. flag men’s tee. Wear it to the beach or at your annual Independence Day party and show off your American pride. It also comes in different designs and colors, so there’s a shirt fit for everyone’s style! Did we mention that they are made in the US?

9. Throw Blanket

15 products for Independence Day
Chanasya, Amazon

Get warm and cozy the American way with this fuzzy American flag throw blanket. This classy Sherpa blanket is a perfect gift idea for a loved one, or you can also use it around your house as home décor. It is versatile and made of quality material, so you are sure that you get a bang for your buck!

10. Pool Float

15 products for Independence Day
Swimline, Amazon

Feel free as a bird while you leisurely lounge around the pool on this bald eagle pool float. Your backyard swimming parties just got more exciting with this eagle floatie. It is made with durable material and can fit two people comfortably, perfect for some fun under the sun during your family barbeque!

11. Reusable Tablecloth

15 products for Independence Day
DII, Amazon

Jazz up your picnic tables this Independence Day with this stars and stripes tablecloth. This tablecloth is sure to brighten up any family meal with some All-American spirit, but that’s not even the best part! It is reusable so you can use it for next year’s celebration as well! 

12. Patriotic Cornhole Game

15 products for Independence Day
GoSports, Amazon

No 4th of July celebration is complete without a game of Cornhole. This beloved American game is a staple in any Independence Day party. For only $89.99, you can get a cornhole game set for you and your whole fam. It’s perfect for some friendly competition at your yearly barbeque bash or a fun family day at the park at your 4th july party!

13. Boston Tea Party Sampler

15 products for Independence Day
Solstice Tea Traders, Amazon

Experience a piece of history with this Boston Tea Party Sampler! It features six historical teas, the same types that were thrown over the sides of British ships during the Boston tea party. But don’t throw this sampler into the nearest harbor! Instead, sit back, relax, and savor the taste of freedom with these delicious and refreshing teas.

14. 4th of July Decoration

15 products for Independence Day
jollylife, Amazon

Hang up this red, white, and blue 4th of July decorations to get in the Independence Day spirit. Whether you put them up in your backyard or inside the house, any celebration is sure to become more festive with these patriotic party decors for your 4th july party. 

15. Inflatable Buffet

15 products for Independence Day
Fun Express, Amazon

This Inflatable Buffet is excellent for keeping your beverages cold during your 4th of July bash. It is functional and comes in a bold stars and stripes design, perfect for showing off all-American pride this Independence Day.

16. Patriotic Shades

15 products for Independence Day
Super Z Outlet, Amazon

No 4th of July party or barbecue would be complete without some patriotic shutter shades. While their function as sun-blocking eyewear surely is debatable, they more than make up for it by being the perfect kick-ass party accessory. They sell in 12-packs, which only means one thing: Shades for everyone!

17. Patriotic foot wear

15 products for Independence Day
Asics, Amazon

With all these USA-themed accessories, this list wouldn’t be complete with some excellent footwear. Being produced by Asics, these shoes will be perfect for running and prolonged walking/standing alike, so make sure to wear them next time you go to see a parade. While they are low-key enough to be worn virtually all the time, they will especially be a great addition to your independence-day outfit.

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