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ReGain – Relationship Counseling

Regain your trust together, with this well established, tried and tested provider. 


Talk to a human being right away on this no-fuzz platform with a 5-star Trustpilot rating.  

Online Therapy

This revolutionary and reasonably priced DIY provider gives you all the support you need! 

As affiliate partners, we may receive compensation from the providers if you purchase products or services through the links provided. We believe in the quality of these providers and all opinions are our own!

couples love is a journey

Relationships aren’t easy. But then again, nothing worth keeping ever is.

When you’re in a relationship with another person, it can be difficult because you may have contrasting personalities and opinions. And as much as you love them, sometimes your significant other just does things that tick you off.

There are times when you disagree, and this is when fights and misunderstandings arise. Arguing and having disagreements are completely normal. It happens to every couple, but even if obstacles aren’t uncommon, a lot of couples still end up separating or getting divorced. In the U.S. alone, about 40 to 50 percent of couples get divorces.

What can be done about it?

It’s true that relationships aren’t easy, but it’s a bond that has been formed through a lot of love and effort. And at the end of the day, no matter how many fights and disagreements you have, what matters is that you are committed and willing to work on your problems.

You can attain a healthier relationship through spending time together and finding new things to do, being patient with one another and of course, by having good communication. If you want to take things a step further, you can try couples therapy!

Your relationship problems don’t need to be detrimental for you to seek out professional help. Whether you have misunderstandings that you feel are beyond your control or you just need a helping hand and some counsel to aid you in having a better relationship, couples therapy is the way to go!

Running around in circles will get you nowhere!

The truth about human beings is that for the most part, we are unable to communicate, feel, and behave exactly the way we want to 100% of the time. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in certain behavioral patterns, even if we are aware of them.

The same goes for relationships, and it only gets more complicated when two people are involved. Even if we figure out what exactly the problem is and why it became a problem in the first place, we are still not always able to get past it. This is where professional therapy comes into play.

Some people might feel like it’s better to deal with problems themselves and that involving an outsider is a sign of weakness or lack of character. But we’re here to tell you that getting support is nothing to be ashamed of, and there isn’t anything wrong with seeking out extra help, especially when you have tried and failed multiple times on your own!

The problem with traditional couples therapy is that it is expensive and often not widely available. The time constraints and adjustment for both partners when it comes to making time for sessions can be a serious barrier. Luckily, there’s an alternative: Online Couples Therapy!

What’s Online Couples Therapy?

Online couples therapy gives you the effectiveness of regular in-person counseling with the convenience of doing it online. Here are 3 trusted providers that will get the job done: 

Regain is a well established online relationship counselling platform that helps people face relationship challenges by providing convenient, discreet, and affordable access to a licensed therapist.

ReGain makes professional counselling accessible anytime, anywhere through a computer, tablet or smartphone. They are the largest provider on the market and they have been around for a while, so they know how to help you effectively.

My partner and I are so happy with the ease of making the appointments and connecting with our therapist. Our therapist is kind, funny, clear and articulate. My partner and I also appreciate that we can video conference with our therapist for safety and social distancing. We would definitely recommend Regain to friends and family.

Renee Green, LMCH-

With Regain, well-experienced and licensed psychologists in the relevant field are assigned to couples following their specific needs. The couple is then ensured a secure online space with their counsellor to communicate 24/7 with any smart device. This incredible platform offers extensive mental health support to couples and gives them the opportunity to repair and strengthen their bond.

You and your partner other don’t have to fight your battles alone. Regain is here to help you so that you can resolve your problems, understand each other better. Ultimately, Regain aims to help you pave the way to a better, healthier and loving relationship.

Can you afford it?

Probably one of the best features of online-therapy is the price point. With about $40 to $70 per week, professional couples-therapy with Regain is a lot more affordable than in-house therapy, so you can save your relationship without worrying about the financial impact. It’s also the best way to see if counselling works for you, without spending a fortune first.

Is this the right provider for you? 

What makes ReGain special, is their ease of use, the quality of their platform and their well-established system. If you are simply looking for a reliable provider that offers classic counseling at reasonable rates by licensed therapists, ReGain should be the one you choose. 

Why ReGain?

  • Affordable rates of about $40-$70 a week
  • No extra payment required for couple counseling compared to a single person
  • Offers mobile-friendly app
  • Reliable, tried and tested provider
  • Thorough assessment through a questionnaire
  • You can sign-up with alias names
  • Encourages video sessions when needed
  • Specialized therapists for relationship counseling
  • Specific messages can be removed from records to ensure privacy
  • 256-bit encryption system for information protection
  • Couples can attend sessions together while being physically apart
  • Many positive reviews and 5-star feedback


Relationship Hero

What’s fascinating about Relationship Hero, is that you can chat with a therapist right away after signup, without paying a single cent. You really have nothing to loose when using this provider!

It is definitely one of the best relationship coaching services out there, which is also reflected by their almost perfect rating on Trustpilot. Not only do they provide quality service, but they ensure that their coaches are certified and guaranteed to help you achieve a healthier relationship with your partner.

I’ve never had a relationship coach before and it has been nice to be able to navigate the tumultuous dating waters with someone else. Jeryanne has been very understanding and has guided me in areas where I need help. The relationship hero team has also been wonderful. I recommend Relationship Hero.

San Jose, SJ, Costa Rica-

Not only has Relationship Hero helped over 50,000 clients, but they also provide master classes and group coaching! Their masterclasses are paid but are definitely worth spending the extra coin for. These classes cover topics to help you with anxiety, relationship skills, emotional healing and more.

To make it even better, Relationship Hero offers Group Coaching! Group Coaching provides an intimate and safe setting for high calibre coaching to exist between 2 and 12 other participants. During the sessions, participants have a conversation revolving around a certain topic like Rebuilding Trust after Cheating or Self-Improvement Strategies. This aids in addressing key issues, goal setting, deepening awareness around emotions and accountability.

The best thing about Group Coaching is that clients can benefit from peer-learning and being surrounded by people who have the same experiences as they do. Not to mention, group coaching versatile, virtually accessible for people around the globe, and is more affordable than 1-on-1 higher end sessions!

Is this the right provider for me?

Relationship Hero focusses on client satisfaction and ease of use. You can talk to a therapist right away, and get an assesment of your situation before you decide to spend a single cent. They also offer Group Coaching, which can have many benefits.

If you are totally new to relationship therapy, and need guidance, input and support from others during your healing journey, Relationship Hero is probably the best provider for you!

Why Relationship Hero?

  • Offers a price-per-minute option. The basic plan consists of 15 minutes starting at $29. The Sage plan costs 60 minutes for $97, and the Premium plan is $289 for 240 minutes.
  • Has a rating of 4.9 stars on Trustpilot
  • Relationship Hero matches you with coaches who specialize in areas where you need help and are available 24/7.
  • You can choose to have group coaching which is highly effective and more affordable than 1-on-1 higher-end sessions.
  • Has an accessible blog with articles that give advice on how to get through hard relationship problems
  • Combines therapy with relationship coaching
  • Provides complimentary online session to determine what path your sessions will take based on your relationship issues

Relationship Hero


WeConcile is not your typical online therapy provider. It is a revolutionary Do-It-Yourself online educational application that helps couples improve trust, intimacy, safety and connection through established relationship science.

“Of all of the levels we have received, this one (14) was the one that really felt like we were taking a HUGE step forward. It felt as if the others were evolutionary, and this one was more revolutionary. As if instead of just stepping up the skills, we bounced up. What I think was the most meaningful for me (and possibly for both of us) was the prescriptiveness of the steps.”

Charles & Rebecca-

In WeConcile’s version of online therapy, there’s no need for therapists because you and your partner are your own relationship coaches! Unlike typical therapy, this method focuses more on education, guided self-inquiry and guided discussions. It is more systemized than therapy and also very focused on what and how the couple will learn and engage with each other.

How this works is that the program is composed of 24 levels, each level is composed of different exercises. For example in Level 1, there are thoughtful quizzes and podcasts for easy listening, while in Level 2 couples are challenged to do easy to do discussions and do together exercises.

WeConcile allows you and your partner to go at your own pace and is only $60/level per couple!

Is this the right provider for me?

WeConcile is special in it’s approach of science-based self-help. WeConcile empowers it’s clients to improve their relationships on a long-term basis. 

They still offer personal counseling by a specialist if needed, but don’t base the process entirely around it. If this self-help approach feels more natural to you than traditional couples therapy, then WeConcile is the best provider for you!

Why WeConcile:

  • A revolutionary Do-It-Yourself online educational and self-help system based on established relationship science
  • Priced at $60/ level per couple
  • Allows you and your couple to work on your own and at your own pace
  • You may choose how often you work with your clinician or counsellor.
  • Focuses more on education, guided self-inquiry and guided discussions
  • More systemized than therapy
  • Couples have their own respective accounts with assignments to work on separately and then discuss together
  • Has 24 levels that contain lessons, exercises and discussions
  • Promotes individual growth as well as relationship growth


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