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How long would you survive in a zombie-apocalypse?

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    Zombies are entering the building. You need to pack your bag quickly! What do you take?

    • The Flashlight Olight Seeker 2 Pro
    • Rope
    • Camping cooker
    • Hammer on a workbench
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    Due trough the widespread chaos, there is no shortage of vehicles to choose from. Make your choice!

    • Shool Bus
    • Jeep
    • Motorbike
    • Bicyle
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    You find a weapons store, but everything has been looted. Some items are left, pick one! Hurry, the zombies are approaching.

    • Brass knuckles
      Brass knuckles are all you need.
      David.Monniaux / CC BY-SA (
    • A classic handgun will do the trick.
    • Samurai swords are what the world needs now.
    • You choose the baseball bat.
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    You meet some other survivors on the road. Make a choice!

    • Save the orphaned girl!
    • Pair up with the brute, he knows how to deal with foes!
    • The scientist is smart enough for both of you!
    • While being attractive, she might also be high maintenance. Will you give her a ride?
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    Where are you headed to?

    • An Island, isolation is the key!
    • The city, there will be food & shelter!
    • The forest! All you need is nature to survive.
    • The beach. You always liked the beach..
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    Your stomach hurts. You need to eat food soon or you might pass out. There are limited options. Make a choice!

    • These Mushrooms
    • These Berries
    • A roasted rat over open fire
    • Can of dog food
      A can of dog food
      NekoJaNekoJa / CC BY-SA (
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    Night is approaching. Where will you find shelter?

    • In an urban skyscraper
    • Under a bridge
    • In a prison cell
    • In a wooden hut


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