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Body Type Quiz For Men

Answer these questions to determine your body type!

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    When you look in the mirror, which aspect of your body seems to be most prominent?

    • A. Your bones
    • B. Your muscles
    • C. Your body fat
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    Take one hand and encircle your other hands wrist with your middle finger and thumb. What happens?

    • A. The fingers overlap
    • B. The fingers touch
    • C. There is a gap between the fingers
  • Question of

    Gaining muscle mass through weight training for you is…

    • A. …very hard
    • B. …doable
    • C. …fairly easy
  • Question of

    During a phase of regular diet and physical activity (no sedentary lifestyle, no over- or undereating), your body tends to…

    • A. …stay lean with some muscle loss
    • B. …stay lean with no noticable muscle loss
    • C. ..add some extra weight
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    As a full-grown teenager, how did you look?

    • A. Long and skinny
    • B. Compact and well defined
    • C. Soft and bulky
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    If you stopped working out for a few months, after a longer phase of regular exercise, your body would…

    • A. Loose muscle mass
    • B. Mostly stay the same
    • C. Keep it’s muscle mass but add on weight
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    What is your fat/muscle ratio?

    • A. Low fat/Low muscle
    • B. Low fat/High muscle
    • C. High Fat/High muscle
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    How would you describe your forearms?

    • A. They are small!
    • B. They are average!
    • C. They are big!
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    Your body can be best described as…

    • A. Long and slim
    • B. Square and rugged
    • C. Round and Bulky
  • Question of

    Losing weight/fat is:

    • A. Not a problem
    • B. Doable
    • C. A lot of hard work
  • Question of

    How do you feel after eating a large amount of carbs, like a big pizza?

    • A. Nothing changes
    • B. Full of food, but my energy level stays the same
    • C. I feel tired or bloated for a few hours after eating

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