Halloween Products That Will Get You Excited for the Season of Scares!

Halloween Products
Halloween Decoration

October is right around the corner, and you know that that means…..

It’s Halloween! Once again, the season of scares is upon us, and that calls for pumpkin carving, watching scary movies, and of course, everyone’s favorite Halloween activity: Trick or treating!

One of the best parts of getting ready for the season’s celebration is decorating the house and looking for new stuff to add to your collection of Halloween-themed items. If you’re searching for unique goodies to add to your stash, then you’ve come to the right place! We put together a list of 15 Halloween products that are sure to get you even more pumped for All Hallows Eve!

We promise on all our Halloween candy that everything on this list is all treat and no trick! So, get your spook on and happy shopping!

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1. Candy Corn Earrings

Halloween Candy Corn

There’s a lot of conflicting opinions on Candy Corn. Some people think it’s great while others think it tastes downright awful. But whether you love it, or you hate it, I think we can all agree that these Candy Corn Earrings are just absolutely ADORABLE! These wonderful accessories are made with handcrafted lampwork glass and are a super cute way to add a Halloween touch to any outfit!

2. Creepy Pillowcase

Halloween Products

We think something wants to get free from your pillowcases! Are those trapped souls in there?! Just joking!! We’re sure you didn’t trap anything in your pillows, but you can fool your house guests into thinking you did! These creepy pillowcases are high quality and will add that extra oomph to your couch setup needs this Halloween!

3. Witches Brew Cauldron Mug

Halloween Witch Mug

Whether you’re an actual witch (it’s okay, your secret’s safe with us ? ) or a witch-at-heart, you’re going to love this mystical cauldron mug! It’s dishwasher and microwave safe and is a fun decorative cup that can hold all your drinks, be it hot or cold. Sipping on your witch’s brew has never looked this good!

4. Skeleton Bookmark

Halloween Skeleton Book Mark

This Skeleton Bookmark is the perfect reading buddy for when you’re spending the night curled up on the couch with your favorite horror novel … Stephen King, anyone? It comes with two charms: a dangling skeleton charm and another charm that you can personalize with your initials. This bookmark is the perfect gift for your bookworm bestie or you can buy it for yourself as an early Halloween treat!

5. Scary FRIENDS Shirt

Horror FRIENDS shirt

Did you know they’re making a reboot of FRIENDS? Yeah, they’re casting Georgie from IT, Jason Vorhees and Chuckie…..We’re just kidding! We think it would be epic if they did that, but for now, we’ll have to stick to wearing this scary FRIENDS shirt. The design on this top takes the original FRIENDS logo and gives it a killer twist that rises to the Halloween spirit! This tee will be a terrific addition to your wardrobe, especially if you’re a fan of both the sitcom and characters from horror movies. A weird combo, but hey, you do you right?

6. Blood Bank Drink Holder

Spooky blood bank drink holder

Are you a hospital nurse or a blood-sucking vampire? No one will ever know with this Blood Bank Drink Holder. Your guests will have a blast drinking from these blood bags, and what’s even more fun is that they can even decorate it themselves! These blood bags come with unique blood group stickers so you can customize it with different blood types. Get rid of those overused red cups and wow everyone at your Halloween party with these wacky and unique drink holders!

7. Finger Soaps

Halloween Soap Decoration

Ahh, yes. Nothing says Halloween better than a decapitated finger laying in your bathroom soap dish. These Finger Soaps have two purposes: The first is for you to use it to wash your hands with and the second is to give anyone who walks in your bathroom a good scare! We can’t believe how real these soaps look and they’re handmade (pun very much intended) right down to the last detail! They even come in a pumpkin spice scent which makes it just the Halloween product you need to keep your hands germ-free and your home décor extra creepy!

8. Wine Bottle Stickers

halloween wine stickers

The magic is in the details, or should we say the spookiness, is in the details. There are a ton of awesome decorative Halloween products on the market. But, we love these stickers because they add a subtle yet well-thought-of touch to your party decor! They come in four creepy designs such as “Embalming Juice” and “Zombie Virus”. We’re sure that these stickers will give your party guests the heebie-jeebies, but we don’t think anything will get between them and a bottle of wine….

9. Halloween Lip Balms

Halloween-themed lip balms

Chapped Lips: now that’s a real horror story. Luckily, we found these scare-tacular Halloween-themed lip balms that keep your lips moisturized and stay true to the season’s spirit! These lippies would make a great party favor for your guests or a special treat to give your best friends this Halloween!

10. Monster House Decor

Halloween Products

Amp up your Halloween game with this mosterrific house decor! This monster face decoration comes in a set that includes 2 eyes, 9 fangs, brads, and double-sided foam stickers. They’re made of durable, water-proof, and sun-resistant plastic so you can use it again and again without worrying about the quality. It’s easy to assemble and will make any front door, garage, or archway 10x spookier!

11. Halloween Couples Shirt

Halloween Products

You know what they say: The couple that celebrates Halloween together, stays together! If you and your significant other aren’t into costumes or just want to keep your matching look simple this year, then we recommend buying these charming couple shirts. They’re made of high-quality fabric and you can even personalize the color of the shirts so it fits your taste! Get these shirts on Etsy and snag the crown for the Best-Dressed Couple this Halloween!

12. Bloody Shower Curtain

Halloween Products

Halloween is the time to be shameless about decorating every single part of your house. The bathroom is no exception. Deck out your shower with these bloody curtains and confuse your guests into wondering if they walked into a bathroom or a crime scene! To complete the gory massacre effect, consider buying this colour-changing bloody mat as well! If you’re going to go on a shopping spree for Halloween products, might as well go all out, right?

13. Zombie Lawn Decoration

Halloween Products

There’s something on your lawn! Is it a new bed of flowers? A patch of grass? Nope. It’s a zombie crawling out of the ground! These are just decors, but honestly, we could have been fooled with how creepy they are! This is one of the spookiest Halloween products we’ve seen and it will surely turn any boring old lawn into a haunting scene straight out of a horror film!

14. Halloween Table Runner

Halloween Products

Looking to jazz up your table set up? If you are, then we think you’ll love this burlap Haunted House table runner! It’s terrific for adding some eerieness around your house and it will look great anywhere. Whether you put it on your tabletop, dresser, or even your fireplace, it adds the perfect Halloween touch to your home decor!

15. Skull Throw Blanket

Halloween Products

The weather is getting colder, but you never have to worry about feeling chilly with this handmade, woven blanket! It’s an excellent way to decorate your couch for Halloween, but you can also use it all year-round, or you can hang it up in your room as an edgy wall tapestry!

16. Apple + Harvest Soy Wax Candle

Fall Candles

Is it really October if your house doesn’t smell like apples, and cinnamon and all those nostalgic Fall scents? We found this lovely candle from Grand Candles’ Fall collection on Etsy, and we immediately fell in love! It’s got a ripe apple fragrance with hints of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. This is the perfect candle for Fall, and with how amazing this smells we won’t blame you if you decide to use it all year round!

17. Skeleton Lawn Flamingo

Halloween Products

Say bye-bye to those pretty pink birds and say hello to these extra scary skeleton flamingos! Tis’ the season to be scary, and you shouldn’t miss out on spookify-ing your lawn. Set up these skeletal lawn flamingos on your front yard and take your Halloween decorating game to the next level!

18. Hanging Ghost

Halloween Products

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s a 13-foot hanging ghost! If this house decoration doesn’t give you the ultimate Halloween vibes, we don’t know what does! This scary ghost hanging in front of your house is going to be a huge hit at your Halloween bash. It’s daunting, scary, and is ideal for hanging in dark corners to spook your unsuspecting guests!

19. Custom Pumpkin Carving Template

Halloween Products

If you love adding a personal touch to your things, then check out CrisMichaelsCreation on Etsy. They make cool custom pumpkin carving templates and we think they’re one of the best Halloween products out there! Get some customized designs for you and your best pals and have some fun carving your personalized pumpkin this Halloween!

20. Eyeball String Light

Halloween Products

Eye don’t know about you, but we love these weird and creepy eyeball lights! (see what we did there?) Give your guests a spooky welcome with these string lights that perfectly fit the Halloween theme. These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorating and will look awesome strung up anywhere around the house!

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