Fall Activities To Do With The Whole Family!

fall activities

The leaves are falling, and the weather is getting chillier with the cold October air. Fall is finally here, and we can’t wait to get our coats out and have a stroll in the beautiful outdoors!

Fall is one of the most-awaited seasons and we totally get why! It’s the time for dressing up and going trick or treating. For baking your favorite apple crisp, carving pumpkins, and of course, spending time with your family at Thanksgiving!

There are many reasons why Fall is amazing, but we love it because it is one of the best times to relax, unwind and spend time with those closest to your heart. Despite the cold weather, it’s a warm and comforting season meant to be celebrated by doing lots of enjoyable bonding activities with your loved ones!

We want you to have the best Fall celebration, so we put together a list of fun fall activities that the whole family will enjoy! From making pumpkin slime to going on an autumn scavenger hunt, you and your kids will love doing all these exciting fall activities together!

1. Make Mini Scarecrows

fall scarecrows

We’re starting off our list of fun fall activities with a little DIY craft project you can do with your kids! If you don’t feel like going out to get a life-sized scarecrow, then just make your own! This DIY project is fairly simple to do, and your kids will love the hands-on experience of making their own mini scarecrow. They’ll have a blast doing this project and you can even use it to decorate the around house for an extra special fall season touch!

2. Watch Halloween Movies

watching halloween movies

Is it really October if you don’t have a Halloween movie marathon? Have a family movie night and put on some Halloween films that will entertain the whole family. Check out this list Halloween movies that your kids will love. These films sit just right on the scare scale and won’t keep your little ones up at bedtime! No nightmares, just some spooky fun all night long!

3. Make Pumpkin Slime

pumpkin slime making fall activities

Kids love slime. That’s a fact. But they’re going to love it even more after making this DIY Pumpkin Slime! Sure, crafting can get messy, but what’s a little bit of cleaning up compared to seeing your kids play and have fun? This slime is extra special not just because it smells like pumpkin spice (although that’s awesome bonus!), but because it’s something you and the whole family can do together. You’re hitting two birds with one stone: Your kids get to make their own smile AND you get to spend some quality time with the fam!

4. Throw a Pumpkin Carving Party

fall pumpkin carving

Looking for new ideas for your yearly Halloween bash? Why not try throwing a pumpkin carving party? It’s a great fall activity that brings everyone together and your guests get to take home their very own pumpkin creation as a remembrance of an awesome day together! We also found some kid-friendly pumpkin carving ideas for your little ones to enjoy! What are you waiting for? Call up your family and friends, and let’s get carving!

5. DIY Your Halloween Costume

making fall halloween costumes

Who needs to go out to the store to buy a costume when you can make it yourself? Instead of spending hundreds of bucks on wigs, and makeup and whatnot, get the whole family together and DIY your costumes at home! Not only do you save money on creating a Halloween look. But you get to show off your handmade masterpieces and say “Yeah, I made this myself!”

6. Make Apple Stamps

fun fall apple stamps

If you’ve got some extra apples leftover from making that delicious apple pie of yours, don’t throw them away just yet. Cut em’ up and call in your little ones to make a batch of apple stamps! It’s a simple and fun fall activity that your kids will have a blast doing. Making this crafts project allows them to get creative and you can even have them make some greeting cards to send to your family and friends!

7. Bob for Apples

fall apple bobbing activity

Make get-togethers more exciting with an apple bobbing game! You’ll have tons of fun and you can get creative with your prizes. How about the winner gets a whole pack of their favorite candies to themselves and the losers have to do the dishes for everybody? A little healthy competition never hurt anybody, so bust out those apples and may the best apple bobber win!

8. Pinecone Crafts

fall activity pinecone making

What are you going to do with those cool Pinecones you picked up during your walk? Use them in arts and crafts projects, of course! With just a few materials, you can turn old Pinecones into works of art. You can make Pinecone fairies, pumpkins and even pinecone crowns! The possibilities are endless. All you need is creativity, art materials and a little bit of fall magic!

Check out this website for more awesome crafting ideas!

9. Plant Spring Bulbs

planting spring bulbs in fall

We know it’s October, but planting spring bulbs is a great fall activity. By the time spring comes around, you’re going to see all the beautiful flowers blooming and you’ll be proud of the hard work you put in! Your kids will love planting these bulbs, and although it gets a bit messy, that’s part of the fun. The garden will look beautiful by the end of it all. Plus, you will have given your little ones a fun learning experience as well as a lesson on of hard work and patience!

10. Try making Pumpkin Moon Sand

fall activities

What’s moon sand you ask? It’s this fun play material that is moldable like play dough but acts like slime and sand all at the same time! Pretty amazing, huh? No wonder our kids love it so much! Now, making it may seem daunting but it’s actually easy and only uses a handful of materials. You can even add your own fall scents and coloring to it, so you can DIY your moon sand however you like!

If you’re looking for the recipe, click here to find out more!

11. Have an Autumn Scavenger Hunt

fall activities

The best way to enjoy the beauty of fall is to take a walk outside and enjoy the view. But, if you want to spice up your afternoon walks with your little ones, plan a picnic and take them on an Autumn Scavenger Hunt! This allows them to appreciate nature and have some fun collecting cool leaves, unique Pinecones and all kinds of tree bark along the way!

 For more Scavenger Hunting ideas, check out this page.

12. Collect and Paint Leaves

fall activities

While you’re out on your Scavenger Hunt, try collecting some leaves and turn them into awesome artworks! Teach your kids about mixing colours and let them experiment with putting together different paints to create a new hue. This is a great activity to practice your little ones’ artistic skills and it enhances their imagination as well as their creativity!

13. Read some Autumn-themed Books

fall activities

Bedtime is about to become extra exciting with these awesome Autumn-themed books! Usually, the most difficult part of the day is getting your kids in the bath and into bed. But, with these beautiful books and stories, they’ll be tucked in and ready for storytime in a blink! Not only is it a meaningful bonding experience for you and your kids, but it’s a great opportunity for them to learn about things like the meaning of thanksgiving, the value of family and being grateful.

Click here for a list of the best Autumn children’s books!

14. Paper Bag Fall Wreath

fall activities

What?! Making paper bag wreaths isn’t on your list of fall activities? Well, it should be and here’s why: First, it’s easy to do! you just need some paper bags, glue and decorating materials. Second, its super fun and you get to stimulate your kids’ creativity. And third, you can hang up these wreaths around the house for thanksgiving and your little ones will be so happy to see their creations on display!

For instructions on how to make these paper bag fall wreaths, head on over to this website!

15. No-Carve Pumpkin Activities

fall activities

If you aren’t into pumpkin carving or just want to opt-out of cleaning up all that mess and goop, then we’ve got some awesome No-Carve Pumpkin Activities just for you! Instead of opening up your pumpkin, why not just decorate the outside? Use some melted crayons for a splash of colour or create a design with some glow in the dark paint for a unique look, even when it’s dark out! There are tons of ways you can decorate your pumpkin, so get creative and start crafting!

Head on over to this website for more cool no-carve pumpkin activities!

16. Set up a fall sensory bin

fall activities

Sensory bins are a great learning experience, especially for toddlers and preschoolers. It encourages fine motor skills practice and introduces them to new learning concepts all while having fun! This fall sensory bin is super easy to put together and is filled with all kinds of fun and interesting colours and textures. Grab some popcorn kernels, felt leaves and some measuring cups and there you have it, a fun and educational activity all in one awesome bin!

17. Go Leaf Jumping

fall activities

The leaves outside are beautiful and the best way to enjoy it is by going leaf jumping! It’s a simple but fun activity for kids and kids at heart. Leaf jumping is a great way to get your children to go outside and get some exercise, plus its also a really good sensory experience for little kids, with adult supervision of course! Let your children enjoy and explore, even if they get messy! Because as much as we wish that they’ll stay our small forever, they’re only going to experience their childhood once. So why not let them make the most of it right?

18. Craft Your Own Fall Crayon Candles

fall activities

Making candles may seem like an arduous and challenging task, even more so with kids involved, but this method we found is super easy and uses materials you can find around the house! To make these crayon candles, you’re going to need old crayons you don’t mind melting down, some regular unscented candles and fall spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice or whatever scent you prefer to mix in with your candles. All you have to do is just melt down the crayons and the unscented candles, then add in your spices for an extra special fall touch. Pour them into molds and voila! You now have a set of beautiful candles ready for gifting or decorating around the house!

19. Make Delicious Fall Treats

fall activities

Making delicious treats is one of the fall activities you shouldn’t miss out on! It’s the perfect time to bust out those special recipes and impress your friends and family with all those yummy dishes. The best part is, you can also have your kids join in on cooking and baking as well. For more inspiration, here’s a list of easy and yummy fall recipes you and your little ones will have a blast making!

20. Create a Thankfulness Tree

Last, and one of our favorites on our list of fall activities is creating a thankfulness tree! It’s the season to be grateful and by making a thankfulness tree, you’re teaching your kids to appreciate the small things in life, be mindful of the things that are going on in their lives and have deep gratitude for those they hold closest to their hearts. Doing this is also scientifically proven to decrease stress, negative thinking while increasing positivity and social intelligence!

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