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Replace These HARMFUL Items with Eco-Friendly Products!

eco-friendly products
the need for eco-friendly products

The world as we know it is changing. Lush, green forests are slowly turning into cities with towering buildings and streets filled with speeding cars. Clean and pristine oceans are now tainted with trash and toxins.

The Earth, our home, is not what it once was. And at the center of that change, is us.

Our world is developing quickly and as sad as it is to admit it, the more we grow, the less we care about the environment. In a year, about 14 billion pounds of trash is dumped into the ocean ( Just imagine the amount of pollution and habitat degradation this causes, especially to marine life.

On the other hand, statistics by the World Health Organization showed that air pollution kills about 7 million people. In only a year. All because of toxic emissions from factories and methane (a harmful chemical) production in landfills packed with waste.

With the state of the world right now, it may be hard to envision change. But it’s not impossible. Like we said before, we are the center of the change. In fact, we are the change.

Solutions to environmental problems don’t have to be big in scale because even the smallest of steps can make a huge difference. And the best place is to begin is with you and your lifestyle. You can start by switching your everyday necessities, like your clothes, your toiletries, and even the things you use around the house, to more sustainable options.

We want to help you make a change. That’s why we’ve listed down 10 everyday items that can be harmful to the environment and some eco-friendly products you can replace them with!


eco-friendly products

Your plastic toothbrush is evil!

Okay, maybe saying your toothbrush is evil is an overreaction. BUT, it is doing more harm to the environment than we think.

11 billion toothbrushes are thrown away every year. And that’s only in the U.S. Mind you, these aren’t the decomposable, environmentally-friendly kind. No. These non-biodegradable toothbrushes are made of Nylon and Plastic material. If disposed of improperly (and they usually are) they could end up in the ocean where it could endanger marine life.

With this in mind, we need to start looking for more eco-friendly products to avoid further polluting the Earth. Since plastic toothbrushes are doing more harm than good, going for an ecologically-sound option will be a big help to the environment.

This is where the Humble Brush comes in. Designed by The Humble Co., this toothbrush is natural, organic, and eco-friendly! It has a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle and has BPA-free bristles. This product is specially developed and recommended by dentists, so you’re sure that you are using both a safe and recyclable toothbrush.

On top of that, they also give back! For every toothbrush sold, a child in need receives a toothbrush or alternative oral care.

Trash Bags

eco-friendly products

Trash bags are used in almost every household. We understand its necessity but the true problem lies in the material that it is made of.

Trash bags are made of plastic, and after just one usage we just throw them out, without ever giving a second thought as to where they might end up. Most of the time, single-use plastics, like trash bin liners and trash bags wind up in the ocean or are left to decay in landfills where they pollute and endanger the environment and its inhabitants (a.k.a Us)

Luckily, we found a great solution to decrease the usage of single-use trash bags! The brand Bagito makes these awesome reusable bin bags and they’re the perfect substitute for plastic trash bin liners!

Its fabric is made from post-consumer recycled plastics and it comes in 3 unique sizes. This way, you can also use these bin bags for the other trash cans around your house. What makes it even better is that with every purchase you make, a portion of Bagito’s profits goes towards Power2Sustain, an organization that educates and empowers K-12 students to take environmental action!

Kitchen Wrap

eco-friendly products

For years and years, people have used cling wrap or saran wrap in the kitchen. Known for its portability, cheap price and ability to keep food fresh for a longer time, plastic wrap is something that won’t go missing in a household.

We know it’s really useful but what if we told you that there’s a better and more eco-friendly option for plastic kitchen wrap?

Beeswax wrap is gaining popularity nowadays for being the best alternative to plastic cling film. Instead of buying single-use plastic wraps, buy this product instead!

Beeswax wrap is made from organic cotton infused with sustainably harvested beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. It’s washable, comes in different sizes, and can be reused over and over again! It’s very versatile so it can be used to cover containers of all kinds! it can even double as a sandwich wrap, so you won’t have to use plastic containers anymore. Just use the warmth of your hands to create a seal and voila! You’re able to keep your food fresh while being kind to the environment.

Phone Case

eco-friendly products

Mother Nature called, she said it was time for you to buy a new phone case.

We know the feeling of excitement when you see a super cute phone case you just can’t resist buying. But, most of the time, these adorable phone cases we go gaga over aren’t crafted sustainably and are made of materials that can be destructive to the earth. We need to be more mindful of the products that we use. This way, we are able to contribute to saving the environment.

That’s why you need to stop using that old phone case of yours and try out Pela’s eco-friendly cases instead.

Pela is a brand that is passionate about creating sustainable solutions to environmental problems. They make their phone cases with flax straw waste and plant-based biopolymers so they’re biodegradable and non-toxic when disposed of. In addition to this, their design is sleek, light, and perfectly cut to fit your phone for flexibility without the bulk!

If you buy from Pela, you won’t regret your purchase because a portion of their sales go to non-profit organizations. This way, you help the environment and others as well!

Grocery Bags

eco-friendly products

Plastic grocery bags are a thing of the past. The era of organic and reusable products is here, and we are living for it!

You know when you’re at the grocery and they ask you “Paper or Plastic?”, then you have an internal debate with yourself which option you should pick? Well, now there’s a third option: Neither.

Yup, you read that right! You don’t have to use paper nor plastic anymore because we’ve found the best substitute for those un-eco-friendly bags: Atalpha’s organic and reusable Grocery and Produce Bags.

A quick search on Etsy will show you just how much people love this product. We don’t blame them. With how durable and well-made these bags are, who wouldn’t be a fan?

On top of how sturdy they are, these bags even come in a set! This way, you’ll never worry about not having enough space when you go grocery shopping. In a set, you get 2 grocery bags and 7 reusable produce bags. They’re made with 100% cotton and are completely natural and biodegradable!

Water Bottles

eco-friendly products

Plastic bottles are quick and convenient, yes. But, they’re downright terrible for the environment.

80% of the plastic bottles we consume end up in landfills and it will take 1,000 years for every single one of them to decompose, leaking toxins and harmful chemicals into the earth during the process. This harms both us and the environment.

The solution to this is choosing to buy more eco-friendly products. In this case, specifically, opting to purchase reusable water containers instead of bottled water.

If you’re searching the market for a reusable water jug, we recommend the Klean Kanteen Insulated Water Bottle.

This water bottle is both sustainable and durable. It is made of brushed stainless steel and doesn’t have any coatings outside or inside the product. It’s easy to use, versatile, and will keep warm drinks hot for 24 hours and cold drinks iced for 90 hours! How great is that?

Klean Kanteen has a lifetime guarantee on their products so you can use these bottles for years and years. That means you’re saving both money and the environment!

Makeup Pads

eco-friendly products

very makeup lover knows the struggle of having to remove a full face of makeup after a long day. It takes so much time, effort, and not to mention makeup pads.

Cotton is mostly used in the clothes we wear or used to produce makeup pads and other products. The dark side of cotton is under the radar compared to other materials but it is actually putting a considerable strain on our environment. When cotton is farmed incorrectly, it could pollute and damage the environment, impacting our ecosystem severely.

If you use cotton pads daily, why not try using the Face Halo instead? Face Halo is famous for being a highly effective makeup remover, but did you know that it’s one of the best eco-friendly products on the market as well? It is PETA approved, Non-toxic, and can be washed around 200 times. That saves you from using 500 cotton round face wipes!! These makeup removal pads are effective, made using the best technology, and are super-cost efficient!


eco-friendly products

Straws are useful and good to use for all kinds of drinks, but for the earth? Not so much.

Plastic straws rank high on the list of environmental pollutants. Straws are made of relatively thin material, which makes them break down into microplastics quicker than the average plastic product. In the process of decomposing, the toxins absorbed by the plastic or the harmful materials in the plastic itself embeds itself into the earth, poisoning, and further degrading our environment.

There are several ways we can prevent this from happening. One of them is choosing to use eco-friendly products and opting to own a reusable straw instead of using ones made of plastic.

There are tons and tons of reusable straws being sold online. We believe these are really good brands, but our favorite has to be FinalStraw’s Collapsible Final Straw 2.0

FinalStraw’s products are highly convenient and ecologically sound. They’re made with the safest and most durable materials like stainless steel and food-grade silicone. Its foldable design lets you store your straw neatly into its carrying case and it also comes with an innovative cleaning brush. Fun fact: The recycled carrying case features a keychain clip so you’ll never lose or leave behind your straw again!

Plastic Food Containers

eco-friendly products

Do you still have that stack of plastic take-out tupperwares in your cabinets somewhere? Well, it’s time to stop using those and switch to using reusable food storage containers instead.

We all know how harmful plastic can be to the environment. It takes years to decompose and it pollutes our environment. So as much as we can, we need to avoid using plastic products. You can start by getting rid of those harmful, non-biodegradable containers in your home!

This Vremi Silicone Food Storage Container is the perfect alternative to containers made of plastic! It’s got so many amazing features; one, it’s made of BPA-free and FDA approved silicone, so these containers are toxin-free and safe for the family to use. Second, they come in different sizes and fun colors, so you can mix and match while having enough room to store your food for meal prep or your kid’s lunches. And third, they’re collapsible and stackable for easy storage! This means less clutter and more storage space for your kitchen essentials!

Coffee Cups

eco-friendly products

Coffee is an essential part of almost everyone’s morning routine. When you’re at home, you probably have a stash of your favorite mugs hidden in a kitchen cupboard. But when you’re out and about and get a sudden coffee craving, you end up buying one in a cafe, where they often serve their drinks in paper or plastic cups

This can be super convenient and easy for us, but the consumption of coffee cups is greatly affecting the state of the environment. And not in a good way.

6.5 million trees and 4 billion gallons of water go to waste each year, and all of this goes into making paper cups. Producing single-use cups take up so much of our natural resources and the energy used to make them come almost exclusively from fossil fuels.

In order to combat this, we need to start bringing our own mugs or coffee cups. Not only is it good for the environment, but some stores even give you a discount if you bring your own container. Just imagine how many trees and money you’ll save just by bringing your own cup!

Try out the Ecoffee Bamboo Fibre Cup. This travel mug is made with durable bamboo fiber and will surely keep your drinks warm whether you’re just chilling or on the go. Its lightweight design makes it very handy to carry around and it has a silicone grip to prevent any slips and spills.

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Plastic Plates and Cutlery

eco-friendly products

Using disposable materials can be unavoidable, especially if you have parties or are catering to a lot of people. It can be such a hassle to clean up AND wash all those dishes so naturally, you reach for products that can make your job easier for you.

Sadly, products that cater to convenience like plastic or paper cups and plates, aren’t good for the environment. They are considered as some of the worst pollutants and do great damage not only to the pollution on land but in the sea, as well.

As we said, we know using disposable cutlery and plates can’t be avoided 100%, but you can always opt to use more eco-friendly products.

Bambu has a range of awesome compostable Bamboo products. Both their Bamboo plates and utensils are 100% USDA Biobased, FDA food-safe, and compost approved. Also, the organic bamboo they use is a renewable resource that is chemical and pesticide-free.

Truly, using Bambu’s eco-friendly products is the better and smarter way to do disposables!

Cotton Buds

eco-friendly products

Cotton buds are small but the impact that they make on the environment is big.

Here are a few numbers for you: every day, 1.5 billion cotton buds are produced every day and the average person disposes 415 individual buds a year. Just think about how much of those end up in our oceans! Once the cotton swab on it dissolves, only a small plastic stick remains and these are ingested not only by sea creatures but birds and other animals as well!

There are better ways to clean your ears and wipe up makeup blunders while adhering to using eco-friendly products, one of them being the LastSwab.

The LastSwab is an environmentally sound alternative to single-use q-tips. We know at first it seems kind of odd to use the same cotton swab again and again but you don’t have to worry because it’s made with safe and durable medical silicone that won’t break off when you use it. It’s convenient and easy to clean: just use soap and water, then you’re good to go! It also comes with its own portable carrying case to keep it from getting dirty!

These reusable swabs are super nifty, too. On one end, it has a regular tip for cleaning your ears, and on the other, it has a tip that is useful for cleaning or applying makeup. Amazing right?

So what are you waiting for? get rid of those mean old q-tips and use the LastSwab instead!

Drink Stirrers

eco-friendly products

Next to plastic straws, drink stirrers are second on WWF’s list of the worst single-use plastics.

We’re as surprised as you are! Who knew something as small as a drink stirrer could be this detrimental to the environment? But then again, it’s always the small, overlooked factors that amount to such massive impacts.

Plastic coffee or cocktail stirrers are useful only for a few minutes, and then we throw them out. And where do they go? Its either, a) it ends up in landfill, where its toxins seep into the earth while decaying for a very, very long time or b) in the oceans where it pollutes and destroys the marine eco-system.

Now more than ever, we need to find eco-friendly products to use instead of these unbiodegradable and harmful items.

If you’re an avid coffee or tea drinker, consider using bamboo stirrers for your beverage instead.

These WoodU coffee stir sticks are a great option! They’re made of high-quality birch wood, so you don’t have to worry about it shedding or splinters getting into your morning coffee. Because these stir sticks are made of wood, they are inherently compostable, biodegradable, and great for the environment!

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