Useful Amazon Products You Can Buy for $10

amazon products under $10

Scrolling through Amazon is a test of control and discipline when it comes to how long you can go without clicking ‘Add to Cart.’ How many nights have you found yourself on a shopping spree for things you didn’t even know you needed?! Yeah, we’ve been there too. Many, many, times. We mean, C’mon, who can blame us? Amazon is a hodgepodge for all kinds of stuff. From kitchenware and beauty products to random bits and bobs, this website has everything on it, so it’s hard to resist the temptation to go online shopping.

If you’re like us and want to enjoy shopping on Amazon without blowing all your bucks in one go, you’ve clicked on the right article! We took the liberty of putting together a list of 10 useful Amazon products under $10, so you can keep ballin’ on a budget while shopping to your heart’s content.

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1. Electronic Cleaning Brush

amazon products under $10

Have you ever experienced trying to clean your phone or your laptop and you start getting frustrated because you can’t get it to be as clean as you want it to? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there.

Gadgets can be really tricky to clean, especially those tiny crevices along with your keyboard keys or the sides of your phone that wipe cloths just can’t reach. It can get stressful and troublesome, but thankfully OXO’s Electronic Cleaning Brush is here to save us from our crevice-cleaning woes.

This electronic brush is ideal for keyboards, computer screens, cell phones, camera lenses and more! The brush has two sides. On one end, it has soft bristles gently sweep away dust without damaging the surface of your gadgets. While on the opposite side, it’s got a slim silicone wiper that grabs dirt from all those little nooks and crannies. The bristles are retractable, and the silicone wiper comes with its own cap so you can keep it safe when not in use!

2. Knife Sharpener

amazon products under $10

Nothing more frustrating than trying to cut your food with a dull knife. It gets in the way of your cooking and it’s just plain annoying. Plus, who has the time to sharpen their knives with a stone belt or a grinder? No one. But you DO have the time to go on Amazon and buy this fantastic knife sharpener!

If you look it up online, you’ll see that thousands of people have tried this product and swear by how well it performs! This sharpener may seem like a small kitchen tool, but don’t be fooled by its size because this product promises big results.

The KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2 is a knife sharpener like no other. First, it is compact, which makes it convenient for storage. Second, it has a non-slip base for stability and control, and it also has a soft-grip handle for comfortable usage! Lastly, it has two edges for super effective sharpening. The ‘Coarse’ edge is for honing dull and damaged knives while the ‘Fine’ side is for polishing and touching up already sharp knives.

3. Makeup Remover Cloth Towel

amazon products under $10

Every makeup enthusiast knows the struggle of removing a full face of beauty products after a long day. Sometimes, no matter how much makeup wipes you use, those stubborn mascara marks under your eyes just won’t go away. But you won’t have to worry about that anymore! This outstanding makeup remover cloth towel removes all the leftover beauty products with just a few wipes!

This product is one of the best makeup removers on the market. It’s easy and functional to use. Just wet the towel, and it will wipe away makeup, oil and dirt in just seconds! This towel is gentle yet highly effective, and it suitable for all skin types, even for people with sensitive skin.

 Above all its benefits, the best part of purchasing this makeup remover towel is its sustainability. By using this towel, you lessen the need to buy non-biodegradable products that can be harmful to the environment. And because it is reusable, you won’t need to buy makeup wipes and removers that come in plastic packaging or have dangerous chemicals. So, not only is this product beneficial for you, it is great for the environment as well!

4. Wallet Ninja

amazon products under $10

There is a surplus of things you can buy online that claim to be “all-in-one” or “all-purpose”, but we think that no product does it all like the Wallet Ninja.

We love products that cater to convenience and are useful, especially when you need it the most. Often times, we find ourselves needing a screwdriver for a loose screw or a bottle opener to crack open a cold one, but we don’t have it on hand and ready to use. With this product, you’ll never worry about that ever again!

The Wallet Ninja is the world’s first 18-in-1 flat multi-tool. It’s got a box opener, a ruler, a phone stand, a can opener and much more! The best part? It is the same size as a credit card, so it fits perfectly in your wallet. The Wallet Ninja is made with durable steel is TSA approved, which means it safe for carry-on during flights.

5. Multi-Kitchen Tool

amazon products under $10

Do you need a cap opener? A cheese grater? How about a flower vase? Well, this kitchen tool is all of that and more!

Nothing’s better than having everything you need right at your fingertips and this useful multi-kitchen tool is the solution to all our meal prepping wishes! It’s always great to have all-around tools and gadgets in the kitchen because it saves you a lot of time and effort when preparing meals. But, it can be hard to find all-purpose kitchen tools that get the job done.

This isn’t the case with the Bin 8 Multi-Kitchen tool. This household must-have combines 8 different kitchen tools all into one! It’s even shaped like a wine bottle! How creative is that? It’s a lemon squeezer, a spice grater, a measuring cup, and more. All its components can be stacked up neatly so it saves a lot of space in your drawers. Plus, it works great even as a display on your countertop!

6. Mug Warmer

amazon products under $10

There’s no better way to start your morning than with a hearty breakfast and a steaming cup of coffee, and then another, and maybe another….

If you’re a coffee or tea enthusiast, this mug warmer is perfect for you! We all know how annoying it is to grab a heated cup of coffee only to have it lukewarm after leaving it out for a few minutes. But, this warmer ensures that your drink stays hot even if you made it hours ago!

One great thing about this product is that you can put it anywhere you like. Be it on your desk at the office or next to your sofa while you relax. So, you can have your drink anytime and anywhere you want it! It is sturdy, safe, and has a sleek, low profile design made with durable material and components which makes it long-lasting and perfect for everyday use.

7. Packing Cubes

amazon products under $10

Going on vacation can be great but getting your luggage ready can get pretty stressful at times. Luckily, these packing cubes can help you pack and organize your things neatly in your bag without the hassle!

This set of packing cubes is excellent whether you’re a frequent traveler or a neat freak who likes having everything organized perfectly. It comes in a set of 6 pieces and can store 7-10 days worth of travel goods. It is practical, has a clean look, and is made with breathable mesh cloth. Buy these space-saving packing cubes, you’ll never worry about having messy luggage ever again!

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