9 Wonderful Summertime Recipes to Make for Your Family and Friends

summer picnic

Summer is the time for endless fun under the sun, good company, and of course, great food! It is the perfect chance to have picnics and outdoor barbeques surrounded by your family and friends. While cooking for others can be enjoyable and fulfilling, it can be hard to think of new dishes to make. That’s why we’ve made a list of 9 wonderful recipes that are perfect for summertime. They’re delicious, colourful and will surely be a hit among your loved ones at your next summertime bash!

1. 15- Minute Summer Pizza

15 Minute Summer Pizza

If you’re having a party, why not make it a pizza party? This 15-Minute Summer Pizza is a take on the classic no-cook pizza. It’s quick, fast and it’s delicious. You can even serve different toppings and sauces so that your guests can customize their pizza according to their taste. This could be a fun way to liven up Sunday brunch and is an excellent opportunity to spend time with your family and friends bonding over good food!

2. Mango Barley Salad

mango salad

This delicious salad is a great way to start a meal. It has a bright and refreshing flavour that is perfect for a summertime picnic. It features barley, mango and fresh cilantro but you can also add papaya and pineapple to the salad for extra flavour. If you aren’t a fan of barley, you can also substitute it with quinoa or other grains. Just one bite of this and we swear you’ll feel like you’re soaking up the summer sun in the Mediterranean.

Click here for the recipe!

3. Korean Chili, Sesame & Honey Chicken

skewers on a grill

Summertime isn’t complete without backyard barbeques, and this recipe for grilled kebabs is going to be the star of your next outdoor cookout. It is made with gochujang, a spicy Korean paste, that adds both an oriental twist and a spicy zing to plain old chicken kebabs. Don’t knock it til’ you try it. Serve these kebabs at your party and we’re sure that your guests will be asking you left and right for the recipe!

4. Pork Belly Slices

pork belly slices on the grill

Everybody loves sliders. It’s a fact, and with this recipe for Pork Belly Slices, people will be lining up at the grill for seconds. This recipe calls for tender pork belly slathered with sticky and mouthwatering barbeque sauce. Serve it in buns, with some fries and coleslaw on the side, and you have a delectable meal that everyone will love!

5. Whole Butterflied Barbeque Chicken

a whole chicken

Summer break calls for gatherings and parties with family and friends. It’s great to be surrounded by the people you love, however it can be challenging to feed a big group. That’s why this whole butterflied barbeque chicken is the perfect dish to make during a summertime bash. It’s juicy, delicious and is enough to feed a crowd. Just marinate the chicken for an hour before putting it on the grill, and you’re sure to have the tastiest barbeque chicken on the block.

6. Brie, Cranberry and Herb Mini Pull-Apart Cobs

cranberry cobs

This brie, cranberry and herb pull-apart cobs is the perfect mix of savoury with a hint of sweetness. It is buttery and cheesy, but the tartness of the cranberry gives its flavour more dimension. You can have this delightful pastry as a lovely afternoon snack or even eat it for breakfast. No matter what time of the day you serve these cobs, they’ll be gobbled up faster than you can say “eating time”. Try out this recipe, and we promise you won’t regret it!

Make these cobs using this recipe!

7. Fluffy Key Lime Pie

key lime pie

This fluffy Key Lime pie does not only look pretty; it’s delicious too! What’s even better is that it is low in fat, uses less sugar, and is easy to make. It doesn’t involve any baking, so you can skip the hassle of all that prepping. This means you get the heavenly tangy-sweet taste of key lime pie but without the fuss or the extra calories!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Click here to find the recipe!

8. Aunt Frances’ Lemonade

9 Wonderful Summertime Recipes

Remember those days as a kid when you’d play outside the whole afternoon and after there would be a tall, cold glass of lemonade waiting for you on the kitchen table? Well, this lemonade recipe will bring you back to your good ole’ days. It is refreshing, fruity, and is deliciously homemade. One sip, and you’ll feel as if you were transported to back to your childhood, playing under the summer sun!

9. Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream

ice cream in a cup

Summer isn’t summer without ice cream. With this recipe, you won’t need to wait for the ice cream man anymore. You can make your own delicious, creamy ice cream right in the comforts of your own home. This recipe is like cherry pie a la mode but 10x yummier! It only takes five ingredients, and all you have to do is mix them, put them in the fridge and in a few hours, you’ll have a tub of irresistibly delicious cherry cheesecake ice cream!

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