6 Tips on How to Keep Your Children Busy at Home

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As pa We are all aware of the challenges and emotional stress that parents deal with, looking after their children 24/7 while schools are closed for the holidays.

That is why we have put together 6 tips for those of you out there who are struggling to keep their youngsters busy during their school breaks!

1) Create a regulated daily routine:

First of all, the family must create or continue to follow a structured daily routine. With fixed meal times and fixed times for learning, playing, and using media; a certain order will be created for the kids to follow unconsciously.

Focusing on their rhythm of sleep should undoubtedly be observed as well since it can also help parents have their own time for work, home work-out or simply to get some well-deserved rest.

It is very important to have fixed routines for your kids, they even need it more than we do as it leads to generating a sense of orientation in the child’s mind.

2) Stay positive

The fact that stress is transmitted to children is nothing new. But it is always important to keep them calm. When a positive basic attitude is transferred to your offspring, it conveys confidence and security.

Experts also recommend talking to the children often about how they’re feeling and answering any questions they may have in an age-appropriate manner. This helps them to be more open and this way, the family will have a closer relationship

3) Go out into the fresh air

Going outdoors for some fresh air strengthens the immune system and helps the kids stay balanced. Going for a walk in the forest or where there are few people. On the way there, if necessary, take the car or bike and avoid public transport.

When your family returns back home, you should make sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly with soap and water for about 20 to 30 seconds and then dry them well.

4) Cooking, cleaning and working together

Involve your child in daily chores. Even if it is often exhausting and takes more time, it helps to keep your children busy and strengthen the family union. Let smaller children watch!

Mature children can do chores like chopping vegetables and setting up the table which will also lead you to have the chance to get your house, apartment, and garden in shape.

Clear out the closet with your children and have them try different outfits or costumes just for the sake of having fun. Finally fix the dripping tap, or put up a raised bed in the garden. After a while, they will certainly get used to all the different activities.

5) Allow boredom

Very important: Your babies and children will and must feel bored. This promotes creativity because boredom stimulates the brain.

Trough boredom, the kids can develop a better potential to handle stress, become inventive, and create entertainment on their own.

It is a good idea to include phases of doing nothing every day, even if it may be difficult at the beginning.

6) Give each other time off

Let’s not kid ourselves: summer breaks or school breaks really exhausting for parents, especially with younger children. If you share the burden with a partner, this can weigh on your relationship as well.

It is therefore important to give each other time off and also leave your youngsters freedom to explore and do things by themselves, without watching their every move. And always remember, you are not their entertainer!

Try to unburden your partner from time to time. Maybe dad goes for a walk with the kids, and mom can work in peace or retreat with a book. Try to accommodate every need by supporting each other, or leaving each other in peace for certain periods of time!

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