6 Simple Exercises To Gain Strength At Home Without Equipment

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Working out without equipment or a gym membership doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the house. You can simply follow this article’s tips to strengthen your body at home. By following these 6 workouts you will achieve significant progress, and in a very short time, you will appreciate the improvements.
Take advantage of the free time that you have to exercise in any corner of your home.

The benefits of a home workout

6 simple strength exercises

If you want to start training at home and your goal is to get fit, tone your body, and strengthen your muscles, it is about time that you start!  If your goals aren’t encouraging enough, check out these benefits of regular exercise at home!

Health improvements

6 simple strength exercises

First and foremost, you will gain strength, in addition to achieving increased muscle mass. This will allow the internal organs to remain in a proper position while optimizing function. Your posture will get better along with overall improvements to your health and well-being!

More calorie expenditure

6 simple strength exercises

Strength training helps increase calorie expenditure. Maintaining muscle mass will require your body to burn more calories, even at rest. The largest effect however, will take place while your body is in motion, especially when you work out. Think of it as driving a car. A more powerful engine needs more fuel to run, especially when driving fast. This will help you burn body fat quicker and more efficiently.

Posture improvement

6 simple strength exercises

The muscles involved in maintaining the upright position will be strengthened, so your body posture will improve. This will counteract the damage your body will endure from extended sitting.

How to gain strength at home

6 simple strength exercises

Working out at home is easier than you think, and you don’t even need any special equipment. Please keep in mind that whatever you do, endurance is the key. Try to include regular workouts into your schedule, at least twice a week. Since weather isn’t an issue, finding a time slot shouldn’t be difficult. Check out these 6 simple but effective exercises to get you going:


If you have trouble squatting, you can always use a chair for support. Working several muscles all at once, squats are perfect to burn calories and tone your legs and booty.


Planks are great to build core strength and enable proper posture for push-ups later on. While it might be hard to maintain a proper posture for longer than a few seconds at first, you will get better in time.


Being the definition of a classic home exercise doesn’t take away any of the effectiveness of push-ups. You can start by doing them in a more vertical position at first, using a window ledge or some other strong structure to support you. As you get stronger, move on to the real deal! Always try to maintain a correct posture while you’re at it.


Sit-ups are another well-known home exercise you can’t go wrong with, perfect for working those abs without any equipment. Start with the classic variant and once you get better, look up more demanding versions on the internet.

Bodyweight Rows

As an alternative to the well-known Pull-ups that require a pull-up bar, you can do incline rows at home. Obviously you need something to hold on to in order to do this exercise, however, a (super sturdy) table or some bedsheets can do the trick!

Jump rope

Now while this is not precisely a home fitness workout that doesn’t require anything, (you’ll need a jumping rope after all) it still is a very effective method to burn fat, get lean and improve your overall fitness. The best thing about it: you can do it anywhere and it doesn’t even require you to go outside!

Warming up

Warming up is essential at any age or fitness level. If you put to much stress on your body too quickly, injuries are sure to follow!

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