5 Changes You Should Make Online After a Breakup

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In this day and age, everything is shared online, even our romantic relationships. Pictures and videos immortalize all our special moments and milestones, but what happens you go through a  break up? Do you unfriend? Block? How do you move on when you see your memories every time you log into social media?

Here are some tips on what to do on your socials to help you move on from a break up: 

A list of things you should do after a break up:

1) Should I delete my ex from contacts?

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You don’t have to delete his number right off the bat. However, it would be better if you try your best to exclude him from your contacts and avoid contact with him in the long run. 

Start by removing the photos that you have together, mute his posts, and stop following him on social media, so you don’t see what he posts. Out of sight, out of mind. When you’re ready, remove him from your life permanently unless both parties are mature enough to maintain a friendship.

2) Change your relationship status.

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It may hurt, but it’s time to change that Facebook relationship status. Let things cool down and then change it to show that you have begun turning a new leaf. All these steps don’t have to be immediate, and it doesn’t matter what others will say. Try keeping a positive mindset and remember: take your time in healing and go at your own pace. 

3) Limit access to your information

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If you don’t want your ex to be aware of your new life, you need to limit his access to your social media accounts. Block him if you feel that it is necessary. If you agreed to stay friends, establish which parts of your new life you are willing to share.

Remember that a woman’s value is not based on her relationship status. Enjoy the single life,  and focus on improving yourself.

4) Go about your usual routine

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Don’t be THAT ex who posts shady facebook statuses or subtweets her ex’s new girl. Steer away from all that negativity and try to go about your life as if nothing happened (Easier said than done, but you CAN do it!) 

So, post that bomb selfie and upload those cute pictures with your family and friends. Take the opportunity to share the things you love and are passionate about on social media. Fill your feed with positivity and savor each step of your growth.

5) Be Honest

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We know it is easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment, and we say something because we feel so strongly.

There are always going to be nosy people who will ask what happened. Don’t fall into the temptation of bad-mouthing him, no matter how hurt you are. Learn to be the bigger person. Be honest and be polite, with respect to the relationship. If you feel uncomfortable being asked about the breakup, privately tell them about your situation or say, “I would rather not talk about it”. Remember, you have nothing to be ashamed of, and how you handle your relationships is your business.

Social media can bring back memories and special moments that reopen new wounds that stop you from healing. But, it can also help you make new ones and commemorate just how much you’ve healed and grown from the person you were before. All it takes is a positive mindset and the courage to go out there and start again.

Social networks can be a breath of fresh air when things are going well. But they can also be real torture the moment something goes wrong in our lives. There is nothing like having the right hand to know how to handle these situations.

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