The 5 most thrilling TV Series to Watch in 2020

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Are you a fan of bone-chilling tv-shows that makes you hide behind your couch? Are you looking for those heart-raising moments in your living room that have the potential to follow you around in your sleep for days?

Fortunately for you, thanks to streaming services like Netflix & co, nowadays there is an array of topics and scenarios to choose from. May it be zombies, vampires, mystery, psycho-terror, or sheer blood-curdling real-life documentaries, there is something for everyone! Too much you say?

How can you know what truly is worth watching?
If you struggle to find your way through the forest of different thrilling tv-shows,
then keep reading! Check out this list of the 5 exciting TV most worth watching in 2020, approved!

1) The Haunting of Hill House

We’ll start with “The Haunting of Hill House”, a version of Shirley Jackson’s most iconic novel. The author of the story is known for work quite similar to that of Stephen King, and he has declared himself a follower of the series.

The leading family is presented as a group of people with a dark past that returns to the place that used to be their home. The memories and events that occurred there connected them forever to this dark place. The scares come from sinister spirits, ghost children, and a lot of other spooky stuff. This series will get your heart raising, promise!

2) Castle Rock

The second series on the list is Castle Rock, a tv-show based on the works and characters of Stephen King. If you liked “It”, “The Shining”, “The Dark Half” or “Little Shop of Horrors”, don’t miss out on this one!

Castle-Rock is the name of a fictional city by the way, well known to Stephen King fans. If none of this sounds familiar to you, even better. Start watching now, you won’t regret it!

3) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The third series on this list is among the newest series in the Netflix catalog and has gathered a loyal audience immediately. In this new version of “Sabrina, the teenage witch”, the innocence of the former show, which was mostly based on situational comedy, is completely gone.

Instead of laughter in the background and a talking cat who steals the show, the story is based on dark themes such as the praise of Lucifer, eroticism, and demons. With a backdrop of smalltown America, reminding us of a Halloween version of “Riverdale” this show will not disappoint you in terms of eeriness and surprising events. Sabrina hasn’t grown up, but this show has!

Along with shining a light on topics like Sabrina’s feminist vision, gender diversity, and bullying, it pays tribute to horror classics such as The Exorcist and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

4) Stranger Things

One of Netflix’s greatest success stories, “Stranger things” is one of those shows you just can’t afford to miss. The story is based on the adventures of a group of kids who live through a series of strange events that unfold in a small town in the United States.

This is one of the lighter series in the terrifying field, but still has those super-tense moments that will make anyone reach for the popcorn in suspense. We don’t want to take anything away from you, so no spoilers! Just free up your schedule and let Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Max, and Eleven mesmerize you along with the rest of the world. Absolute binge-watch worthy!

5) Chernobyl

This is one of the newest miniseries from the HBO production company, with positive words coming from all over the world for the quality and attention to detail with which this fictional re-enactment was created.

As the name suggests, the production is based on the events that occurred on April 26, 1986, at the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Nuclear Power Plant, 3 kilometers from Pripyat, Ukraine. This was one of the most important nuclear power plants of the Soviet Union, which served for a strategic program of the Soviet army. The unprecedented accident that happened there turned out to be one of the worst incidents in human history, with consequences that will last hundreds of years.

Perhaps what makes this mini-series so thrilling, is that everything that takes place has actually happened. The reality, after all, can sometimes be the most frightening thing of all.

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