30 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100 That Every Family Member Will Love

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Christmas is around the corner and you are still shopping for christmas gifts? We feel you! Christmas gift shopping for your friends, family members or even co-workers or roommates can be quite the task, especially when the gift shouldn’t be bland and uninspiring. But don’t worry, the Hufflebuzz crew doesn’t let overwhelmed christmas-shoppers fend for themselves, so we invested some time into compiling a list of what we think are:

The best christmas gifts of 2020!

1. Long-Distance Friendship Lamps

These friendship lamps make the perfect relationship gift! They all will light up at the same time, with a single touch, no matter where they are. They are super easy to setup and are the best way to stay connected with the people you love, anywhere across the world.

They will also all switch on to the same colour. What better way to show someone you are thinking of them than surprising them with a new color every day! And yes, as a set they cost more than 100$. But remember: one of them is for yourself!

Stay in touch with your loved ones, wherever they are!

2. Utter Nonsense Family Edition

Tired of your plain ol’ Christmas games? Say no more, we’ve got the perfect item just for you! You can give this game as a gift or just purchase it for some holiday fun during your annual Christmas party!

Buy the Utter Nonsense- Family Edition game on Amazon for $22.

3. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

We all have that one hippie aunt or cousin who’s obsessed with collecting mason jars and what better gift can you give them other than- yuuup, a mason jar soap dispenser! It comes at a cheap price, plus it’s super unique, too! You can’t go wrong with this one.

These beautiful mason jar soap dispensers are only $12 on Esty, so get yours today!

4. Homesick Candles

Got a cousin who lives far away? a favorite uncle you wish you could see more often? Give them a piece of home with the Homesick Candle. They may live far, but they’ll definitely feel a sense of home-y comfort when they light up this nostalgic candle.

Home is never too far with this candle, get it for $34 on Amazon!

5. The Book of Me

This DIY memoir is perfect for your grandparents, parents or anybody in the family who loves to write and document memories!

Give that special family member a chance to write their own memoir for just $13! (Available on Amazon)

6. Microwave S’mores Maker

Sometimes the best gift is one that is remembered well. This can definitely be said about this funny S’mores maker. Who would complain about unwrapping this on boxing day?

This Microwave S’mores Maker costs $27.95 on Amazon!

7. 100 Movies Bucket List Poster

Make a film buff jump for joy this Christmas by giving them this 100 Movies Bucket List Poster! Not only do they get the satisfaction of completing all 100 movies, they also get free film recommendations, too! It’s a win-win for everybody.

Make a movie lover by buying them this scratch-off movie poster for $25.97 on Amazon.

8. Cablebite Protectors

Are your siblings always wrecking their chargers? Help them save some cash on buying new ones by gifting them these cablebite protectors. Protects chargers? Check. Super cute? Double check!!

Keep cables protected with these heckin’ cute cable bites! Get it on Etsy for $4.15.

9. Family Gathering Questions

Give the fam something to talk about this Christmas with these family gathering questions! It’s the best way to reminisce, live the past and make even more memories!

Get the tabletopics family gathering edition on Amazon for $25!

10. Yankee Candles

There are scented candles, and then there are scented candles by Yankee candles. There really isn’t much to say about these candles other than that they play in a totally different league in terms of quality and aroma intensity. Choose the scent that your chosen recipient likes most and you have a great gift that is also somewhat personalized.

Get a Yankee candle on Amazon for just $17.50!

11.Herb Garden Kit

Don’t know what to give your auntie or your mom? Well, we’ve got the answer! This herb garden kit is the perfect gift for them. They get to grow their own herbs, plus they are able to feel the fulfillment of being able to care for a plant! Score!

This herb garden kit goes for only $22.16 on Etsy.

12. Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Get this alarm clock on wheels for the sleepiest sleepy head in your family! There’s no way they’ll be late for the fam’s holiday getaway this bad boy in tow!

Any family member who can never wake up on time will truly appreciate this alarm clock on wheels. Head on over to Amazon and buy it for $40!

13. Dog Bed

This isn’t a gift for humans but you can’t skip out on buying your doggo a Christmas gift. After all, they’re part of the family too! These pet beds are extra comfy, come in different colors, and is sure to make your pup the bark for joy on Christmas day!

These dog beds are available on Amazon for $31.99

14. Food Storage Containers

We bet you’re thinking: “Who could possibly want food containers for Christmas?!” But let us tell you, these things are so useful and practical! We are 100% sure anyone you give these to will greatly appreciate it. Besides, you can never have enough tupperwares, am I right?

This is probably the most useful and practical gift you can give anybody this holiday season. Get a set of 21 containers for $19.99 on Amazon!

15. Couples Christmas Sweater

These adorable Christmas sweaters are the awesomest gift you can give your mom and dad, you sister and her longtime boyfriend or even your gramma and grampa! Sure it’s a lil bit cheesy, but come on, it’s christmas!

16. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Don’t have time to treat someone to an R&R day?? No worries, just gift someone these bath bombs and they’ll get to experience a relaxing spa treatment right in the comforts of their own home! Each set comes with 10 unique scents and is perfect for Me Time!

Get a spa-level experience with these unique bath bombs for only $18.99! Available on Etsy.

17. Initial Necklace

This dainty, beautiful initial necklace is an amazing gift for your aunt, mom or cousin this Christmas. It’s completely customizable and its elegant yet eye-catching design goes with any outfit!

This initial necklace costs only $27.74, get it on Etsy today!

18. Weighted Blanket

The gift of a good night’s sleep trumps any gift you can give this holiday season. Give that perpetually tired family member this weighted blanket! It’s a surefire way to catch the best Zzzs during the Christmas break!

A good night’s sleep for only $34.90?!? Count us in! Get this weighted blanket on Amazon right now!

19. Actual Handwriting Bracelet

Christmas gifts don’t get as special as this! This bracelet allows you to customize the design completely by using your own handwriting. You can write your mom, sibling, cousin or aunt a sweet but short message or have their name designed in your handwriting. This gift is so heartfelt and personal, they’ll fall in love with this bracelet as soon as they see it!

For just $69.40, you can get a personalized and heartfelt gift! Head on over to Etsy to purchase one today!

20. Leather Airpods Case

This leather Airpods case is a classy and sophisticated way to protect the ‘pods from wear and tear. Any Apple lover will truly appreciate this gift. Trust us on this one 😉

Buy this leather case on Amazon for only $19.99!

21. All-Natural Hair Pomade

Keep dad looking dapper with this all-natural hair pomade! It’s made with eco-friendly materials and feels nice and light in the hair, perfect for that slicked back sleek look!

Get this hair pomade for $18.99 from the GoldenBeardsShop on Etsy.

22. JBL Bluetooth Clip Speakers

In a pickle because you don’t know what to get that family member who’s notorious for being a party animal? Here’s your answer! These JBL Bluetooth speakers are super handy. You can bring them anywhere and even clip them to your bag! Now that rave-loving cousin/sibling of yours can bring the party with them anytime, anywhere!

Get this Bluetooth speaker on Amazon for $57.18!

23. Personal Charging Hub

This item is for the techy ones in your family. A charging station for their phone, watch, AirPods, AND apple pen? That special family member is gonna feel like they’re in techno-heaven with this awesome gift!

Get 4 charging stations all in one hub for $29.99! Head on over to Amazon to get yours today.

24. Throw Throw Burrito Game

The Throw Throw Burrito Game is for kids and kids at heart! Get everyone off their seats, and challenge the family a unique game of dodgeball. This uber-cool gift item is by the same makers of the exploding kittens cardgame so you’re definitely gonna have a good time with this one!

Everyone’s gonna have a jolly good time with this awesome game! Get it for only $29.99 on Amazon.

25. Big Art Set

This huge collection of art materials is perfect for your younger nieces, nephews or siblings! This Inspiration Art Case includes 64 crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 washable markers and 15 large pieces of paper. Perfect for the little artists in your family!

Make a little kid extra happy this Christmas, get it on Amazon right now!

26. Playful Sports Mugs

Is your little brother always playing at the table…. while he completely disregards his meal? Then this playful sports mug will surely keep him entertained while eating his veggies!

This one-of-a-kind mug is sure to be a slam dunk with your lil’ bro! Available on Amazon for $25.

27. Kids Sewing Kit

Teach your little nieces or younger sisters to sew! Not only is it a handy skill, it makes for a great hobby, too! Plus, it’s a great way to get the kids off the electronics for a bit.

This sewing kit goes for $16.95 on Etsy!

28. Jellybelly Bamboozled

Party games don’t get more exciting than this! If you haven’t heard of bamboozled, it’s this wild and wacky game where you get a jellybean but, here’s the catch… it’s either you get a super yummy flavor or a really icky flavor! The family’s gonna have a blast!

Grab a Jellybelly Beanboozled Jumbo Spinnner gift box on Amazon. Quick, do it before they go out of stock!

29. Scary Stories Box Set

Did someone say nightmare on Christmas day? If you’ve got a family member who loves everything horror, this is the perfect gift for them! This box set contains three scare-tastic books that will give you the chills, perfect for reading during cold, later nights!

Head on over to Amazon to buy these books today! The hardcover costs $9.99 while the paperback costs $11.

30. Tie-Dye Kit

Tie-Dye is super in nowadays! Get this tie-dye kit for your siblings, nieces, nephews or even yourself, if you’re looking to try something new this holiday break!

Get this tie-dye kit for $31 on Amazon!

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