24 Famous Pets of Instagram That Will Brighten Your Day

14. Charlotte the Tortoise

We think the Most Photogenic Tortoise Award goes to our best pal, Charlotte! The camera loves you, Charlotte, keep on smilin’!

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What time is it?

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15. Lil Bub

Bub may be lil’ but he’s sure got a whole bunch of charm (and IG followers!). The internet loves meme cats, and Lil Bub has truly made his mark on social platforms for his funny demeanour and ever-surprised expression. If you need a pick-me-up after a bad day, Lil’ Bub’s Instagram is the page to visit!

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Truly one of a kind, and proud of it. GOOD JOB BUB #bestjobbub #scienceandmagic #lilbub #bubforever

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16. Jack the Cockatiel

We knew birds were pretty, but just look at Jack! We’re big fans of popcorn (like this little birdie), but we think we’re bigger fans of Jack the Cockatiel!

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17. Reagan the Doodle

Look at how cute and how high this pupper can fly! And he loves Lion King, just like us! You go, Reagan!

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The beach makes me hoppy. Any bunny else? 🐇😁

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18. This Chiweenie named Tuna

The internet has seen a lot of meme cats and dogs, but one of our all-time favs has got to be Tuna. Staying true to his IG user name, Tuna does truly melt our hearts!

19. Sam, The Cat with Eyebrows

Sam may seem worried but don’t fret, those are just his eyebrows — we mean his markings..,! Either way, we think everyone can agree that Sam’s eyebrow game is on FLEEK!

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What you actually look like when you type ‘lol’

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Pretty sure every day is #InternationalCatDay

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20. Norm the Pug

Norm is known for his super cool selfies and honestly, we think we could use a couple of lessons from this good lookin’ pupper! We wish our selfie game was just as good as yours, Norm!

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21. Bertram the Pomeranian

Bear or Dog? The world will never know… But what we are sure of is that Bertram has one of the best IGs out there! Just look at him in his little sweater, awww!

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