24 Famous Pets of Instagram That Will Brighten Your Day

6. Marnie the Dog

Marnie the Dog is another internet-famous pup well known for her silly but adorable looks! Sadly, she passed earlier this year but her charming and sweet ways will always have a special place in our hearts.

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Pancanks Day? Otay tank u

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7. Mocha the Lab

Mocha the Lab is here to puppy-dog-eyes her way into your Instagram feed! Her hobbies include eating treats, frolicking in the leaves, and of course, playing with her favorite tennis ball!

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? #mood

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Life is better at the beach! ? #balladdict

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8. Juniper the Fox

Whoever said foxes were sly and scary has obviously never met Juniper! Look at her smiley face and tell us if you’ve seen anything cuter. Go on we’ll wait…

9. Oliver the Dog

Hey Everybody, meet Oliver, the best-est little pup in town! We wish we could give Oliver a billion belly rubs for being so cute, but for now, we’ll settle for liking his Instagram posts!

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Time for a haircut????‍♂️

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A little throwback, who is real????

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10. Doug the Pug

We have yet another Insta-famous pup! Doug the Pug has made waves on the net for his quirky but lovable face. He’s so popular, he’s even got his own movie character! P.S. We’re really digging those sunglasses, Doug!

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“Me after getting my third coffee of the day” -Doug

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11. Pumpkin the Raccoon

Alright, you may not be the biggest fan of Raccoons, but you’re gonna have to agree that Pumpkin is pretty cute. Hmm… who knew these critters would make great pets too!

12. Maple the Cat

There are so many things to love about maple, but she’s really turning up the charm with her fluffiness and big, round eyes. If Maple started asking us for treats, We don’t think we’d be able to resist…

13. Jill the Squirrel

We’ve never seen anything or anyone rock a flower crown better than Jill. Taking care of squirrels may seem like an odd choice for a pet, but if they’re as cute as Jill then we’ll take 10!

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