21 Exciting & Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

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Spend more time with your children outdoors!

Have you been spending an awful lot of time at work lately and feel guilty about not being able to spend enough time with your kids? Here are 21 exciting and fun outdoor activities for kids that you can do with them in your free time!

Outdoor Activities for Kids

1. Plan a Picnic

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Grab a basket filled with your favorite snacks and set out for a family picnic somewhere around town. It doesn’t even have to be that far away! As long as you all enjoy together, anywhere should be fun. 

2. Riding A Bicycle

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Assuming your kids know how to ride a bicycle, it may not be a bad idea to take them out for cycling among other outdoor kids’ activities. However, if they don’t know how to ride one yet, you could always take some time off to teach your kids how to pedal. 

Your backyard can be a very good place to start! This will give them a gist of what it feels like to ride a new means of transport. Cycling can also be a great way to explore the neighborhood and help your kids to get acquainted with the surroundings of your home. It is a good form of exercise that anyone can do without having to stay put in one place. 

3. Geocaching

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Quite similar to the game of a Treasure Hunt, Geocaching is a game full of clues, GPS coordinates, and even camping! All you have to do is install the app, create your own account, and start playing. You will be provided with GPS coordinates, as well as clues to help you find your Geocache Box. 

The idea is to take something from the geocache box and then leave something behind for other people. Sometimes the box may contain clues or coordinates to another geocache box which will take you to a different location. 

Geocaching can be a good way to help your kids get familiarized with GPS coordinates and show them how navigations work. Since the geocache boxes are kept in unusual places, you will also get a chance to visit the lesser-known parts of town. So, if you are looking for a way to spend time doing fun outside activities with your family, geocaching can be an enjoyable way to do so.

4. Playing Basketball

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Looking for outdoor activities for kids? A little competition of basketball never hurt anybody! Most kids know how to shoot basketball hoops from a very young age. So if you got one at home, tag along with them in a friendly competition of basketball. It can turn out to be a good workout for you and your kids. 

What’s more, is that you can play in large groups or just have a one on one game with your kiddo. 

5. Flying a Kite

One Fun Outdoor Activity for Kids is flying with a Kite

How many times have you thought about teaching your kids how to fly a kite and never really got around to do it? Well, now is the perfect time for fun outdoor activities my friend! Head to the nearest toy store and purchase a kite for your kids. Teach them how to fly the colorful objects high up in the sky and spend a fun evening outdoors! However, do make sure to do this on a fairly windy day. 

6. Gardening

Outdoor Activities for Kids

This has to be one of the best ways to get your kids as close to nature as possible. Show them how to sow a flowering plant in your garden and see their eyes all sparkle up when the flowers finally begin to bloom.  Allow them to plant a few seeds of their favorite fruit or flower and make gardening a part of fun outdoor activities for kids. 

If you have raised garden beds, coloring the frames could also be a fun task with the kids to make your garden look all pretty and full of colors. Let them run the water hose in the garden for some more fun! Or, you could all just water the garden together if you don’t want to get your hands dirty with the mud or paint. 

7. Go Out For An Evening Stroll

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Among other fun outside activities, evening strolls can be quite soothing for the soul. So why not take your kids out for a walk during that time? For all you know, they could actually have fun walking with you and you could also treat them with an ice-cream or watch the sunset on the way back home.  

8. Volunteering

Volunteering for certain tasks from an early age can build character. Whether it is serving food for the elderly in an old age home or planting trees all around the neighborhood, your kids could always use a certificate for such outdoor kids’ activities. Not only will it make them understand the importance of helping society, but it will also encourage them to participate in more tasks in the future. 

9. A Day At The Beach

One Fun Outdoor Activity for Kids is taking them to the beach.

Is it a sunny day outside perfect for fun outdoor kids’ activities? Then what are you waiting for? Buckle up the kids in the car and head to the beach! Spend the day playing in the sand and building sandcastles with them. Take them out for a swim afterwards and help them spot dolphins and crabs in the water. 

You could also have a mini picnic on the beachside, so don’t forget to pack a picnic basket before you leave home. 

 10. Backyard Barbecue

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Whether you are planning to throw a party or just a regular family dinner in your backyard, barbecuing can never go wrong! Ask your kids for assistance while using the grill if they are old enough to learn how to do it. 

However, if your kids are too young for grilling, you can always give out certain responsibilities, like spreading the table cloth or giving out the plates and mugs. This way, they will feel important to have played a role in the task and also learn how to fix a table without your help. Now you can disguise basic life lessons as fun outside activities.

 11. Go Out For A Swim

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Still haven’t found something exciting to do with your youngsters? Well, if you haven’t used the swimming pool for a while, now can be the perfect time to go for a swim with your kids. In case they don’t know how to swim, pool floaties can also be quite fun for them. Otherwise, you could always teach them how to swim so that they can have a fun time paddling on their next day at the beach. Fill up water balloons and water guns beforehand to make things more exciting!

However, if you don’t have a pool at home, make a short drive to the nearest lake or beach and have a fun time swimming with your kids in the water. 

 12. Early Morning Walks

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Call it jogging or a refreshing walk in the morning, this could be the right opportunity for you to make your kids an early riser. So why not make it a habit to go for early walks in the morning with your kids as fun outside activity? This will also help them to function better and create a chance for them to stay fit throughout their childhood.

 13. Go Camping

Father camping with children on the deck of a house

Having trouble finding fun outdoor activities for the kids? Why not go camping?

Camping trips can be a very exciting outing for kids, especially if they haven’t had one with their school yet. They can learn a whole new pair of skills about setting up tents and preparing meals for themselves. 

Most kids love the idea of camping in the woods and it can be quite an adventurous experience for them to spend the night outdoors. If you don’t feel safe driving up to a camping site in the woods, your backyard can also be a great alternative, since the overall experience about living in a tent outdoors is what matters!

 14. Stargazing

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Take your children out for a ride to see the stars on a clear night sky. Count the stars with them or play a game of guessing the shape of the constellation of stars. You could also have a night time picnic while stargazing with your kids on your favorite spot. If you don’t feel like making a trip, lay down a blanket in your backyard to enjoy the view of the twinkling stars.  

 15. Go Fishing

Outdoor Activities for Kids

When was the last time you went fishing with your children? If it’s been a while, feel free to make a trip to the fishing store to buy or rent some fishing rods. Prepare a meal for the day and go fishing on a boat with your kids. Teach them how to lure in the fishes with the fish food and show them how fun of an activity fishing can be! 

If they are too young to handle a fishing rod of their own, let them share one with you so that you can have things under control. 

 16. Building A Bonfire

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Building a bonfire at the beach or in your backyard can be quite a fun task for you and your kids. You could also invite some friends or family over to join in on the fun with you. Keep aside a bowl of marshmallows or toast some smores to enjoy your snacks along with good company! You could also play charades or dance away to good music and look forward to having a splendid time with your loved ones. 

 17. Ice –Skating

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Sometimes the very best outdoor activities for kids are seasonal. All the more reason to just go out and do it, while you still can. Ice-skating for example is one of the best activities to do outdoors during winter. Just make sure to provide safety gear for your kids before you let them skate with you on the ice. 

 18. Painting Outdoors

Outdoor Activities for Kids

If you have a kennel or a dull looking fence that needs some coloring, ask your kids to help you out! Let them be as creative as possible with the colors. If not, set up a canvas for them in the garden or the backyard, so that they can paint whatever they want to and also take inspiration from the colors of nature. 

In case you have small rocks lying around in your garden, let your kids have some fun painting them in different colors! Along with being a great outdoor activitiy for children, they can also keep the colored rocks in their bedrooms as a showpiece once the color has dried up.

 19. A Fun Day At The Park

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Going to the park and playing with other kids could help your little ones learn how to mingle with strangers. Not only will it provide some fun playtime for them, but it will also help them make new friends outside of school. You can also find a map of the park and hike up a new trail to discover more sights in the park with them. 

Cycling on the paved roads in the park can also be a fun activity for them. Some parks often have horses that you can ride on, and you never know, the kids could actually have a great time interacting with a horse for the first time! Otherwise, you all can find a quiet spot and read a book to enjoy your time at the park. 

 20. Building A Snowman

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Among all the other things that you could be doing to enjoy your winter mornings, building a snowman could be one of the most fun winter activities for your kids! Most children always love the idea of building a snowman and you can rest assured that you too will have a great time building one with them! You can also make snow angels or have a snowball fight once you’re done making the perfect snowman for your front yard. 

21. Plan A Fund Raiser

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Expose your kids to activities that involve raising a fund for a good cause. Help them organize a 1 km race or plan out an event to clean the neighborhood to help raise money for something good. This will assist your kids to understand the meaning of charity and how helping others can be a great thing to do over the weekend. 

You can also involve their friends in the cause and encourage them to participate. This way all of you will be spending a good deal of quality time doing fun things outside and that too for a good cause!

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