14 Exciting and Fun Things to Draw When Bored

woman looking bored

Looking for artistic and doable drawing ideas? Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered! Here are 14 exciting and fun things to draw when bored at home: 

1. Rainbow Scratch Art

Do you have a stack of paper lying around? We know just the thing that you can do with it! 

Doing a rainbow scratch art can put your crayons and other oil pastel based colours to good use in case you haven’t used them in a while. All you need for this to work is to get yourself a sturdy paper so when you scratch out your outlines, the paper still remains intact! 

The first step is to use as many colours as you want to in any pattern. If this is your first time, horizontal and vertical lines will work just fine. Once done using your favourite colours from the palette, take your mixing palette and pour in some black poster paint with a tiny amount of dish soap. You could also use BioColor paint and coat the entire paper in two layers. 

Use sticks of different shapes and sizes (or, toothpicks!) to scratch off the black surfaces to create some magical rainbow art. Try scratching on the paper while the paint is still slightly wet since scratching on dried paint will form uneven shapes

2. Silhouettes

silhoutte of people and a house

Wilhelm Groß / CC BY (

Believe it or not, silhouettes are one of the simplest things to draw when bored. What makes drawing silhouettes so effortless is that it doesn’t require you to be precise with the features. Just make an outline of whatever it is you want to draw and fill it up with black colour. 

YES! It’s that easy! You don’t even have to bother yourself with mixing other colours in your palette so it’s less messy. Trace out the figure if you are not okay with freehand drawing.

3. Skylines

city skyline

High-rise buildings with intricate designs are fascinating to look at! And what better way to portray these architectural masterpieces than to draw them on a piece of paper? Quite similar to drawing silhouettes, skylines are particularly fun and easy to draw. 

You can get as creative as you want to through your drawing ideas and add as many tiny details as you wish! Keep a variation with the shapes and sizes of the buildings by drawing towers, castles, temples, apartments etc. Don’t forget to add tiny lit-up windows here and there to make it more realistic and pleasing to the eye. 

Use can use shades of yellow, white or golden to fill them up! It’s not necessary to use a scale while drawing unless you want to be particularly accurate with the shapes. Using a scale may take longer than freehand drawing, especially if you plan on sketching windows (which I’m sure you will because what is a skyline without lit up windows right?). 

In case you want to fill up the background, use warmer shades of red for sunsets and cooler tones of blues for the night sky. Otherwise, you can always leave it as it is to make a silhouette of the skyline. 

4. Hand Tracing Ideas

Who else remembers tracing their own hand on a sheet of paper from that one time you actually ran out of things to draw when bored? I bet most people have done it in the entire history of art! So, if you’re ready to revisit this particular experience of drawing once again, go grab yourself a sheet of paper and get started! 

You can be as artistic as you want to, so keep your drawing ideas flowing in once you are done with the borders. Be it a certain set of repeated patterns or an optical illusion, there are no bounds to where your imagination can take you while filling up the blank spaces of your hand! 

You can also use multiple patters here and there or even take inspiration from actual henna art to be more creative. 

5. Mandala Art

mandala drawing

The word ‘mandala’ is a Sanskrit word which means ‘circle.’ It holds great value in religions like Buddhism and Hinduism and is often portrayed as an art form used for meditation. At first sight, it may seem a little intricate but honestly, mandala art is just layers of repetitive patterns and can be one of the easiest things to draw when bored. The repetition is what makes it slightly effortless because once you get the hang of it, the rest will just fall into place on its own. 

The first step to creating a mandala is drawing perfect circles of different radii with the help of a compass. The distance between the circles does not need to be uniform. Using a protractor, draw a point after every 30 degrees. Draw lines from the centre to all the marked points of 30-degree intervals to create 12 separate portions. You can increase or decrease the intervals as per your convenience. 

Once you’ve divided the circle, start by filling in the core of a circle with a specific repetitive design. This way, fill up each circle with different patterns and put colour into the blank spaces if you wish. However, do keep in mind that completing a mandala art takes patience and hence is a form of art therapy. Make sure to give it a try if you have plenty of time in your hands.

6. Zentangles

zentangle drawing

Zentangles and Mandala art are quite alike in certain aspects but they do have two key differences. Mandalas are usually circular while Zentangles can be of any shape. Additionally, mandalas have certain religious values whereas zentangles do not. 

Zentangles can be created in countless shapes which includes hearts, stars, triangles etc. It also follows a repetitive pattern separated by different sections like mandala art. Again, it is not necessary to use a scale to create these sections which essentially means that you have more room for creativity here. 

You can also take inspiration for other drawing ideas to fill in the sections. Otherwise, you can be a little more inventive and make repetitions of your favourite things (can be anything) in the divided sections. 

If you want your zentangle art to pop out, you can use a multicoloured background using watercolour or any other colours of your choice. 

7. Line/Contour Drawings

drawing of a hand

What could be more amazing than finishing an entire drawing with a single stroke of your pencil? Art really doesn’t have to be so expensive! A lot of famous artists have made incredible pieces of art through line drawings, also known as contour drawing and you too could try it out if you are out of drawing ideas! 

Start small and by that I mean the easiest things that you can draw in one go. Do not worry about it being perfect as most works of art are revealed through imperfections that make them unique. You can either use your imagination to draw it or take inspiration from a picture. 

8. Blind Contour Drawings

You might be wondering how contour drawing is different from blind contour drawing. Does it have something to do with being blind? Absolutely not! This is just a form of art where you are given a piece of paper, an object or a mirror to look at. 

In case you are given a mirror, you will have to keep your eyes focused on the mirror while you draw on the paper without ever looking at it and that too with a single blow of your pencil. This is especially fun if you are using a mirror to draw your own portrait and has to be one of the most enjoyable things to draw when bored. 

Remember, no matter what happens, do not look at your paper and never put away the tip of your pencil unless you are done with the drawing. 

9. Doodle Art

doodle drawing of a baby

Doodling has to be one of the most popular and stress-free things to draw when bored. Use a black marker pen to scribble away however you want to on an entire page and fill up the spaces with your choice of colours. Colouring the empty spaces with shades of a particular colour and framing it on an empty wall of the same shade can complement the looks of your living space and make it far more pleasing to the eye. 

What’s more fun than having your own painting hanging on the wall? 

10. Whimsical Art

Also known as fairytale artwork, whimsical art is pretty entertaining if you are looking for things to draw out of boredom and are completely out of any more drawing ideas. This form of art gives life to your imagination and can turn out to be very colourful and popping. 

If you like drawing cartoon characters out of your friends, this can be the perfect form of art for you. The key is to make one or two exaggerated features while keeping the rest of the face similar to the reference picture. 

For example, take a picture of your best friend, and try to draw her facial features. This doesn’t have to look accurate as the job is to create a miniature version of her face. Now, to make it more fun, alter one or two of her facial features like enlarging her eyes to make it give it a cartoon-like appearance. 

11. Polka Dotted Paintings

Polka Dotted Paintings by Katarina Younis
Painting by: Katarina Younis, Etsy shop: KHJewelryandGifts

Turns out polka-dotted paintings are actually a thing and don’t require you to be a professional painter to get the hang of it! Start by drawing or tracing out the figure that you want to draw on your paper using a pencil or a black marker pen and start making small circles in it. 

You can either make outlines first with a pencil and use different colours to create polka dots to fill in separate objects or make the polka dots first to create the outlines. Try using different tones of colour for a single outlined object to create pretty shades and gradient.

12. Doodling Flowers

Flowers can be anyone’s go-to things to draw when bored. You can even doodle a bunch of them on a single sheet of paper and add some colour to it if you like. It can also turn out to be a great gift card if you execute it properly and draw cute little flowering plants here and there. Just make sure to use different colours to make each of them look different from the one another. 

13. Dandelions

Tracing is usually the easiest way to create an outline if you are not that great at freehand drawing. However, if you’re looking for stress-free drawing ideas and really want to give the whole free handed drawing thing a shot, drawing a dandelion flower may not be such a bad idea. 

It is one of the easiest flowers to draw and looks beautiful even if you don’t make out the lines properly. You can also use colourful pens to draw it once you have practised drawing it once or twice using a pencil. 

14. Sticker Drawings

Mostly used for creating posters, sticker drawings can be a fun way to use up the pile of stickers that you have been wanting to use for a while. This sort of drawing requires less effort compared to other drawing ideas and will work perfectly for you if you are not that great at drawing. 

Even though this seems fairly easy, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be creative with it. In this particular case, the creativity will lie within the background that you create before putting in the stickers. So choose your background that will complement the stickers you have in your collection. 

A good example could be underwater sea creature stickers, where you will have to create an underwater scene with seaweeds, bubbles and what not!

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